By Gloria Yousha
Scene Around 

Scene Around


Shown here (l-r): Joe Lupins, Jimmy Ventura and Robin Ventura

Suspicious no? YES...

I read this in the April issue of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) digest and I pass it along to you:

"William Schabas, who was appointed last August by the United Nations Human Rights Council to lead a three-member inquiry into Israel's alleged war crimes during its war with Hamas in Gaza, has resigned following allegations of bias. Schabas was a paid consultant for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in 2012.

Although the commission had largely gathered all its evidence and was in the process of writing its report prior to Schabas resignation, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the report to be scrapped and its findings disqualified. 'This is the same body that only in 2014 passed more resolutions against Israel than Iran, Syria, and North Korea combined,' he said. 'Hamas, other terrorist organizations and the terror regimes around us are the ones who need to be investigated, and not Israel.'

Israel, along with international Jewish organizations including the World Jewish Congress, had long criticized Schabas's appointment given his record as a staunch critic of Israel.

This is exciting...

On Sunday, June 7th at 2 p.m. sharp, the Congregation Ohev Shalom Seniors Group will hold their next meeting in the COS Ballroom, 613 Concourse Parkway, South, Maitland.

The COS Seniors invite everyone to this, their last event of the season.

The entertainment for the event is very special, indeed. The trio Eastside will be performing.

Eastside is a trio of musicians that perform a very eclectic variety of music for your listening and dancing pleasure. (I hope my spouse will dance with me.) They have been entertaining audiences for almost 15 years in Central Florida.

The bandleader and keyboardist, JOE LUPIS, has been entertaining audiences for more than 25 years. (I know and have worked with Joe in past years. He is very talented.) Terrific guitarist and lead vocalist, JIMMY VENTURA, has been playing music since he was a teenager. Female vocalist and percussionist, ROBIN VENTURA is also talented and a super vocalist.

The group Eastside performs for many local venues and nightspots as well as appearances at local churches, temples and community clubhouses. They always bring a fun time to their audiences. (I can hardly wait!)

The cost of the afternoon, which includes refreshments as well as entertainment, is still only $5 per COS Senior member; $8 for all others. Bring your friends. They will thank you.

There is also a raffle and wonderful camaraderie (And my very favorite macadamia/chocolate cookies! Yum!)

For further information and directions, phone COS Seniors president, BERNY RAFF at 407-767-6763, or phone the synagogue at 407-298-4650.

Mother's Day recently passed...

Yes, it's true. I am a mother and a mother-in-law and a grandmother of a wonderful granddaughter, LAUREN, and a wonderful grandson, ZACHARY. Many of you are also.

Two of my sons treated me (and my spouse) to dinner at Pannullo's Italian Restaurant on Park Avenue, Winter Park, jointly owned by RICHARD PANNULLO and MICHAEL SCHWARTZ. (Michael is a member of our community).

The food is always delicious (with a capital D) and the service was super-superb by our waitress SARA SELESKY. It was a special night for me!

A beautiful lady, inside and out...

I am referring to the one and only HARRIETT LAKE, a wonderful human being, caring and self-less, simply the best!

Harriett's Closet is having a "blowout" warehouse sale from May 28th through June 11th at 902 Waterway in Longwood.

For further information and directions, phone 407-628-1414 or text 407- 256-5502.

The sale, with proceeds benefitting the Trauma Center at Orlando Health, goes from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. (Closed on Sunday.)

The sale will feature over 3000 pieces at $5 and up plus new items. Some of it will be up to 95 percent off!

(Got stuff in my size????)

Music Maestro Please...

My dear friend, ALAN ROCK, informs our community and the community at large of all the great jazz coming to our area. He is official emcee at the Altamonte Chapel Jazz shows. The Altamonte Chapel's Sunday 'Jazz Jams' runs from 12:30 pm To 2:30 pm.

On Sunday, May 31, JOHN DEPAOLA and his quartet will be featured.

Alan Said, "After getting standing ovations as a sideman with other groups we are happy to announce John will be jamming at The Altamonte Chapel. Joining John will be DAVE MACKENZIE (sax); CHRIS ROTTMAYER, (piano), CHARLIE SILVA, (bass) and WALT HUBBARD (drums).

We are so blessed in Central Florida with these top quality musicians and our honor to present them to you."

The Altamonte Chapel is located at 825 East S.R. 436 in Altamonte Springs. The phone number is (407) 339-5208.

The Downbeat for the 'Jazz Jam' is 12:30 and goes until 2:30.

Professional musicians and vocalists are welcome to sit-in during the second set.

One for the road...

A lot of you mentioned to me recently that you read the jokes at the end of my column first, before you read the Heritage. Great! We all can use a good laugh once in a while! So here goes:

One night, Nathan overhears his son Benny saying his prayers. "God bless mommy and daddy and grandma. Goodbye, grandpa." 

Nathan thinks this a bit strange.

The next day, the grandfather dies. 

About a month or two later, Nathan hears Benny saying his prayers. Once again, "God bless mommy. God bless daddy. Goodbye, grandma." 

The next day the grandmother dies.

Harriett Lake

Nathan gets more than a little worried about the whole situation. 

Two weeks later, Nathan once again overhears Benny's prayers. "God bless mommy. Goodbye, daddy." 

This nearly gives Nathan a heart attack. He doesn't say anything, but gets up early next morning to go to work to avoid the traffic. He stays out all through lunch and dinner and finally, after midnight, leaves his office. He's still alive! 

When he gets home, he apologizes to his wife, Sarah. "I'm sorry, darling. I had a very bad day at the office." 

"You think you had a bad day?" Sarah says, "The postman dropped dead on our doorstep this morning."

(Oh my goodness! Think about it. This is an X-rated joke!)


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