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Kinneret residents serve up some sweet; some spicy and a lot of ingenuity


Residents enjoy the variety of homemade desserts and breads.

Tuesday mornings have become a busy place for Kinneret residents. In addition to the usual activities going on, now residents can enjoy the new, Delaney Café-a breakfast and lunch event held in the Jessie Render Social Hall and organized by the Kinneret Tenants Association.

What started in May as an opportunity for residents to meet and enjoy a cup of coffee has evolved into a breakfast and lunch destination for Kinneret residents. "We recognized that our residents were interested in getting together for coffee," said Lynda York, Kinneret Tenants Association (KTA) president. "At first we just had coffee and a few baked goods. But it became so popular, we expanded the menu to include both breakfast and lunch items. Now we see a regular group of people that come and meet for coffee. Some even stay through lunch."

Kinneret resident Gina Riboll makes her homemade beef empanadas for lunch during the weekly Café.

A committee was formed and residents volunteered to bake items, and set up and manage the Café. For breakfast, there is quiche or assorted strata. Lunch favorites now include baked homemade pizza, beef empanadas along with hot dogs and deli sandwiches. A separate dessert table is lined with homemade specialties that can include pound cake, strawberry cheese cake, banana bread, pineapple upside down cake and cheese and fruit plates.

"We have some very good bakers and they have really enjoyed being able to share their love of baking with their fellow residents," said Jean Dolen, chairman of the Delaney Café commitee. The Delaney Café is opened 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

The monies raised will go to support events planned by the KTA and help support the Kinneret Council on Aging's subsidized dining program with an annual donation.

The Kinneret Apartments are the Jewish community's twin residence towers for low-income senior citizens located in downtown Orlando. The Kinneret Council on Aging (KCOA) is a non-profit agency that subsidizes a nutritious meal program available to residents and other life enhancing programs. For information on the facility, please contact Leslie Collin at 407-425-4537 ext. 215.


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