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Jane Edelstein

They have our back? Jolly good!...

I read this in this month's World Jewish Congress (WJC) Digest. I found it very interesting... hopefully true... and I pass it along to you:

The WJC praised British Prime Minister, DAVID CAMERON, for proposing an additional $4.4 million a year to better protect Jewish institutions in the United Kingdom (UK) against potential terrorist attacks.

This is in addition to $10.3 million provided in the budget to fund guards for all Jewish private schools and colleges.

WJC President Ambassador RONALD S. LAUDER called the measure 'exemplary' and one that 'will no doubt make a difference.' He added, 'We hope that other European governments make similar commitments soon. Islamist terror and anti-Semitism must be stopped if we want to preserve a vibrant Jewish life in Europe.'

In a recent speech to the Community Security Trust in London, Prime Minister, Cameron pledged 'to fight anti-Semitism with everything we have got,' adding that 'No disagreements on politics or policy can ever be allowed to justify racism, prejudice or extremism in any form.'

(The British Prime Minister continues...)

'If the Jewish community does not feel secure, then our whole national fabric is diminished. It is not just about the enormous contribution you all make to our society... it is more profound than that. It is a measure of the vigor of our institutions and the health of our democracy that the Jewish community feels safe to live and flourish here. It is about the strength of the values that we stand for.'

The prime minister further made it clear that, while Britain was a tolerant country, Islamist preachers who espouse hate would be expelled.

In praising Israel as 'an extraordinary nation,' PM Cameron staunchly defended Israel's right to defend its citizens... 'a right enshrined in international law, in natural justice and in fundamental morality.

'When people talk of trying to boycott Israel... you will never be alone. When students on campus are afraid, when shechita is under threat, and when Jewish institutions need extra security... you will never be alone.'"

A wonderful "mensch" for sure...

I received an email from NANCY LUDIN, executive director of the Jewish Pavilion. It names JANE EDELSTEIN as the "mensch" and tells us why she deserves that title. I am pleased to share the email with you:

"Congratulations to Jane Edelstein who has taken on the challenge of developing a new event for the Jewish Pavilion.

For five years, the Pavilion held 'A Walk In The Park'... a successful fun-filled festival at Crane's Roost. When their event manager informed the Pavilion leadership that the park would not be available this fall due to renovations, Jewish Pavilion board members struggled to develop an equivalent event.

'A Taste In The Park' will take place on Nov. 8 at noon at the Lake Maitland Civic Center.

It will include most of the wonderful features of the walk including live entertainment, children's activities and prizes galore. Like other Taste events, there will be fabulous food, but this time it will all be vegetarian!

Planning the Taste festival is an enormous undertaking and Jane has a committee of 48 helpers all working to garner support from local restaurants and vendors.

Keeping meetings interesting is Jane's forte. She recently spoke at a Jewish Federation networking event where she provided meeting tips.

Jane is a web marketing specialist and president of Edelstein Associates."

(I love food so I will become a vegetarian for this event!)

A musical reminder...

By now, the Altamonte Chapel is probably famous for its fabulous jazz presentations. If it isn't, it should be!

The host emcee for all the monthly performances is our own super talented ALAN ROCK of WUCF 89.9 radio fame.

This Sunday, June 28, JEFF RUPERT will be swinging at the Chapel. If you like the way Stan Getz played the tenor, you will love Jeff.

Joining him on stage will be KEEGAN MATHEWS on piano, PAOLO TURSI on drums and our own wonderful BEN KRAMER on bass.

The Altamonte Chapel is located at 825 East S.R. 436 in Altamonte Springs. The phone number is (407) 339-5208. The Downbeat for the 'Jazz Jam' is 12:30 and goes until 2:30. Professional musicians and vocalists are usually welcome to "sit-in" second set.

More about music...

TED VIGIL will perform a John Denver tribute on Saturday, July 18 at 7 p.m. in Mount Dora. For more information about this event, you can go online to or phone 352-383-2165.

A Shout Out...

Besides having some of the best Italian food in Central Florida, Anthony's N.Y. Pizza Italian Restaurant in Casselberry Commons, has the sweetest (and prettiest) waitress serving you. Her name is LATIFAH MAASARANI.

(You know how much I love food by now... and the food and service here are perfect!)

One for the road...

(Don't blame me for this joke if it offends you. I didn't make it up!)

Benny's dog has died and he goes to see his rabbi. "Rabbi, I wonder whether you could find the time to say a special blessing at my dog's grave?" 

The rabbi replies, "I'm afraid it isn't possible, Benny. In fact the rules don't really make any allowance for animals." 

Benny says, "But I'm really upset, rabbi." 

"So maybe you should go to see the Reform rabbi over the road," says the rabbi. 

As Benny walks away dejectedly, he turns to the rabbi and says, "What a shame. I was willing to donate $1,000 for such a service." 

At which point the rabbi shouts, "Come back, come back." 

Benny turns round and says, "I thought you couldn't help me." 

"Ah," says the rabbi, "but you didn't tell me your dog was Orthodox."

John Denver


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