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Annette Brenner (l) with daughter, Carol Harris.

The following are a sampling of the many inquiries received on a daily basis from a family member or the older adult.

Read below and you will find that most people have similar needs just like yourself or your own loved one.

"My father is living alone and he needs supervision twenty four hours a day but we do not want him to move."

"I need to move out of my family's home but I am not sure I can afford alternative living arrangements."

"I would like to move into assisted living but I have to take my dog with me."

"I had to move to Orlando for my daughter's health issues and my mother needs to transfer to a local nursing home connected to a Jewish community."

"My husband has dementia and I need time to run errands without him."

"My mother has declined in independent living and I am overwhelmed."

"I have long term care insurance and want to know how I can use my policy in independent living in places near my physicians".

Once the caller reaches us we need to sort through their situation, begin to problem solve their various issues, and make recommendations with follow up to resolve their difficulties.

The gentleman who required 24-hour care due to an acute medical condition received Medicare home health services and began improving. He was able to remain in his home. After calls to assisted living communities, the man with his dog moved into a community which accommodated dogs of that size.

After recommendations of various communities, the woman who wanted to move out of her family's home found a comfortable community. The couple with long-term care insurance received assistance in locating communities to meet their needs and is now investigating the cost of relocating. The woman who was overwhelmed felt relieved after unburdening herself, and her mother has improved enough to remain in independent living. The woman who wants to move her mother to a local nursing home will tour the homes served by the Jewish Pavilion. The woman whose husband has dementia and needs a break is looking into recommendations of adult day-care programs and information about assisted living communities with secure memory units for the future.

The Senior Resource Specialist has years of experience in this community and "holds your hand" through the process including following up after recommendations are made. They say, "aging is not for sissies" and you need a helping hand to navigate life's changes.

Orlando Senior Help Desk is at 407-678-9363 Monday through Friday, with voice mail messaging on weekends and evenings. Call with any questions or concerns or need for advice and to unburden yourself. http://www.orlandoseniorhelpdesk.


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