The Jewish Pavilion memorializes lost loved ones at 'A Taste in the Park'


Always smiling, Daniel and Betty Stein are remembered for their love of life, and one another.

The Jewish Pavilion is celebrating the vibrant memories of lost loved ones at its fall fundraiser, "A Taste in the Park", a special tasting event which will be held on Sunday, Nov. 8 at the Venue on the Lake-Maitland Civic Center. Memorial sponsors will receive a certificate honoring a past loved one. Additionally, a memorial poster will be displayed at the event, sharing a short bio (with notes by the family), and a "taste of" the life and times of the loved one who has passed.

When Apopka's Jane Edelstein lost her beloved mother, Fanny Edelstein, in November 2014, she was devastated. "Everyone who knew my mom loved her-really. Her zest for life was contagious and being around her just made people happy," Jane said. In the days following her death, Jane's friends, family, and neighbors (in her hometown of Beachwood, Ohio) both laughed and cried with one another about Fanny's life. Some remembered Fanny's vibrancy at her 90th birthday party, where she donned party favors and told stories from the old days. One tale conveyed was about the time she chased young son, Barry (now 64), through the house with a broom-trying to literally "sweep" him out the door and off to Hebrew school. Edelstein recalled, "The memories surrounding my mom's 90th birthday, and throughout our life together, are so warm, and full of laughter."

Upon returning to Orlando after Fanny's funeral, the whirlwind of activity stopped. "A gaping hole remained inside my heart," Edelstein said. She joined a grief support group sponsored by Vitas and the Jewish Pavilion to help her face her loss. She also began looking for ways to carry forward her mother's priorities and good works. 

Edelstein approached Nancy Ludin, executive director of the Jewish Pavilion, and asked for her input on ways to keep her memories of her mother alive and present. Ludin noted, "The Jewish Pavilion has worked with thousands of elder-care seniors over the years, and it never gets any easier when someone's loved one dies. When a resident in one of the facilities passes, we do our best to honor, cherish, and memorialize him or her. For example, our program directors and/or volunteers reach out to the families involved with heartfelt condolences. When possible, we pass on recent photos taken (often their last), and anecdotes about good times shared with staff and volunteers."

Memorial Sponsorship through the Jewish Pavilion would be a perfect way to honor and memorialize her mother, Edelstein decided. "Even though my mother wasn't from and didn't live in Orlando, she worked tirelessly on Jewish issues, and spent her final years in a predominantly-Jewish assisted-living facility. "By honoring my mom's memory this way, I support her life's priorities," Jane said. "The loss turns into connection with my mom's spirit and, ultimately, that leads to joyfulness."

Like Jane Edelstein, Carol Stein became a memorial sponsor to honor her beloved mother, Betty Stein, who passed in April 2015, as well as her father, Daniel, who passed in January of 2014. Stein shared, "Both my parents were loving, amazing and vibrant. My heart is broken and still in pieces from missing them. They were truly special people. It has been such a profound year with losing both my parents. I just wanted to honor them."

Stein described Betty as an artist who lived a colorful life. She stated, "Her creative and artistic abilities influenced all the amazing endeavors she was involved in, such as Hadassah, Sisterhood, Jewish Pavilion, Jewish Family Services, Give Kids the World, and many more. Her love of life can be seen in all her adventures-she traveled to over 40 countries around the world. Just tell Betty you want to go on a trip and she will be packed and ready to go"

Stein's father, Daniel was Betty's travel companion and husband of 67 years. She described Danny as a responsible and loving father, who put his family first, and always had a joke or a story to share. Stein stated, "Together, my parents embraced the philosophy of tikkun olam and they made the world a better place."

The elder Steins lived in their own home until Danny was 91 and Betty was 88. The Jewish Pavilion became a regular part of their life after the couple moved to an assisted-living home. Stein stated, "While my parents could rely on having me around, so many residents relied on the Jewish Pavilion for the nurturing and love that every person needs and deserves."

Fanny always had a smile and wave for everyone. She is pictured with her brother, Sanford Gaffin.

Stein credits her mother for instilling the passion of giving to others, so that she and her siblings would continue the tradition. An acclaimed pianist, Stein has entertained Pavilion seniors with countless musical performances throughout the years. She stated, "I performed music and visited the elderly for Jewish Pavilion for many years before my parents were ever in need of this wonderful organization. I saw what a difference the visits made to the seniors, and gave them something to look forward to. That is why the Jewish Pavilion is so, so important."  

Ludin concluded, "We are so grateful to the Edelstein and Stein families for their memorial sponsorships. The Jewish Pavilion treasures the memories of Fanny Edelstein, Betty and Danny Stein, along with seniors (that we have lost) who have touched our lives for the past 15 years."

For more information on celebrating the memory of one of your loved ones and becoming a memorial sponsor, contact Nancy Ludin at 407-678-9363 or


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