An open letter to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz


Dear Rep. Shultz,

Your credentials are that you are the Representative, 23rd. District of Florida; DNC-Chair; and your Jewish accomplishments: A driving force behind “Jewish Heritage Month.”

NEVER AGAIN! are words that I grew up with. As a Jew I know the horrors of the Holocaust, and I was taught to never let it happen again. All Jews were taught this.

Barak Hussein Obama, who was raised Muslim (and arguably still is) clearly hates Jews and Israel. He can smile and talk about support for Israel all he wants, but his actions do not align with his words. As president he sides with terrorists continually. The Muslim Brotherhood, which has had representatives visit the White House hundreds of times under this president, is a welcome guest. Prime Minister Netanyahu visits the White House and is insulted by making him come in through the servant’s entrance.

This “most transparent administration” was being criticized for all of its meetings with Muslim terrorist groups so that the Administration stopped providing visitor logs to journalists. When sued over this, using the Freedom of Information act, the Obama Administration won a victory in court that said that the Administration is not obliged to hand over the visitor logs. (Doesn’t sound like transparency to me.)

The stated objective of all these Muslim terrorists is Caliphate. Caliphate basically is Sharia rule over the whole world, killing all the infidels and establishing their rule over everyone. For anyone paying attention, isn’t this president helping them to achieve just that? Doesn’t this president commit treason by siding with terrorists? Isn’t it interesting that the president has insisted that our military and law enforcement agencies are not allowed to use the words “Muslim terrorists” in any of their written or verbal warnings or teachings?

Now, this president wants to assure that Iran gets nuclear weapons. The Iran treaty will guaranty that Iran is allowed to have the bomb in 15 years, (assuming they don’t cheat and get it sooner). Almost every day, clerics in Iran call for death to America and death to Israel. Just today, the head mulah in Iran stated that Israel will not exist in 25 years! How can Iran having the bomb be good?

A provision of this “treaty” will allow Iran to get about 150 billion dollars immediately, that the U.S. has been withholding from them. This is up-front. They don’t even have to show they are abiding by the agreement to get this money, it will just be handed over to them as a good-will gesture. Obviously the worlds leading terror state will use this money to support terrorism against the USA and Israel. Some of this money would be used to purchase the most advanced surface-to-air missiles that Russia has. Some would be used to get the ICBM technology that it needs to threaten the USA. Either way, it helps them and hurts the rest of us. Isn’t our president supposed to look out for our interests?

Much of this treaty is not known, because Obama is declaring it to be secret. Just today Sen. Ted Cruz and others are calling for the president to obey the law, and make known all the side deals within the treaty before the 60-day window starts ticking before a vote on the treaty. Of course he hasn’t done this yet. He will force the vote before anyone reads the whole thing (much like the ObamaCare vote) that “we have to pass it to find out what is in it.”

Obama has also obligated the USA, and all the other signatories of this treaty to protect Iran’s nuclear facilities from outside attacks. It is known in some high-level circles that Israel wanted to take out the Iran facility (like it did in Iraq and Syria) but Obama told them that the U.S. Air Force would be ordered to shoot down any Israeli aircraft crossing Iraq on its way to Iran! The Obama administration denies it, but can you think of any other reason why Israel has not done this yet?

Can you have ever imagined that an American president would protect Iran from Israel? Is there any American who believes that Obama is acting in America’s or Israel’s interests, and not Muslim terrorist interests?

The news article that I read said that Wasserman-Shultz was crying when she agreed to support Obama with this Iran treaty. Crying isn’t enough! If you are crying, YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE DOING WRONG!

It is a disgrace that anyone would support this insane treaty with Iran. This bill would mean the end of Israel, and for a Jew to put her political future ahead of the destruction of Israel is reprehensible.

Any Jew that voted for Wasserman or Obama or any Democrat should really try to understand what you did. You supported this!

Jeffrey Prince

WInter Park


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