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Just a rant of conspiracy theories

Dear Editor:

I was surprised and disappointed to see the letter by Jeffrey Prince in the Sept. 18, 2015 edition of the Heritage Florida Jewish News. I thought that letters to the editor were to contain comments and opinions by the writer, of course not necessarily agreeing with positions in the Heritage. Instead this particular letter was just a rant consisting of conspiracy theory statements, most of which have been proven to be incorrect. Almost in the beginning of the letter the write begins by claiming that President Obama is a Muslim (although why that of itself is an issue is a different discussion), although he tries to use an insincere disclaimer. As soon as I came to that statement I completely discredited the rest of the letter, and only read it in full later on in preparation of writing this letter. If there was some content that the editors of the Heritage felt should be shared with the community then they had the obligation to include a disclaimer alongside the letter.

To address some of the contents of this letter, it needs to be pointed out that while one may not agree with every statement and policy this current administration has made with respect to Israel one must note that the interactions between the military and security organizations of both the U.S. and Israel have never been better than it currently is. “Iron Dome” which proved so effective recently against the missiles from Gaza would not have existed without U.S. support. The issue with respect to the Iran nuclear deal is very complex and like most complex issues is not black or white but rather gray. It should be noted that many retired military and security personnel in Israel wrote letters to the editors in Israel in support of the agreement, or at least not in opposition to it. If one followed the different arguments, there were completely logic arguments given by both sides. No one that I am aware of is happy with the agreement. The issue basically was is this the best agreement that one could achieve at this time, and is this agreement better than no agreement. I suspect that those who voted not to oppose the agreement, such as Representatives Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Alan Grayson, did so with one hand raised, and with the other hand, symbolically at least, holding their nose.

Edward E. A. Bromberg



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