By Jim Shipley
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Does anyone remember the Allon Plan?


In 1967, shortly after the Six Day War, Yigal Allon, a respected Israeli archeologist and at the time, Minister of Immigration, offered a plan for creating the borders of the Third Jewish Commonwealth. He drew a convoluted map, dividing the Jewish homeland north and south, but keeping Jerusalem what it had always been, the capital of the Jewish State. It was revised by the Knesset, but never executed. The reasons were many, including the fact that getting over a hundred Jews in an assembly to agree on something is a massive undertaking.

But, here’s the point: He drew borders. He was working on establishing what should be the Holy Land of Israel. That makes great common sense. What other nation on earth lets others determine the borders of its land?

When the British and the French whacked up the Middle East in 1920, they created a British Mandate for the area known as Palestine. They ignored the Balfour Declaration, which had promised a homeland for the Jewish people. They also had promised Abdullah Bin Hussein, the Arab tribal leader who, with T. E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, brought together all the tribes to help defeat the Ottomans in WW I, a vast kingdom of his own.

Naturally, the British did no such thing. But they did give him domain over a lot of desert, including an area east of the Jordan River known in the agreement as Trans-Jordan.

If you look at a map of the time, the mandate stretched from the Mediterranean to the borders of Iraq, south to Egypt and north to Syria. As you well know, in 1947 after the Second World War, the United Nations decided to partition that land between a new Jewish State and an Arab one still to be called Palestine.

Of course the Jews accepted it, the Arabs did not and three wars and multiple terror attacks and stabbings later, they still don’t.

Is it time to take the Allon plan and re-activate it? Is it time to allow a sovereign state to declare its own borders? The United States did it. So did most of the nations of the world.

Most national borders in the world are drawn by nations that win wars—just like the U.S. Well, Israel won all three of theirs. But terror attacks and killings still take place, condoned by both ruling entities of the Palestinians: the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Why would anyone think these people want peace? I have heard that many Palestinians, including well-educated, intelligent Palestinians, some doing well in Israel, are just waiting until the Jews leave. What?

Hey! Newsflash: Israel is not Algeria. This is not a land where a foreign entity came in to settle, but had a French homeland somewhere else. The French left Algeria because they were French—and had their own country.

Israel is the Jewish Homeland. There have always been Jews in Israel. True, the Romans threw most of us out, but not all. The Caliphate got rid of the Romans, the British got rid of the Caliphate and we got rid of the British. We are back in the land of the book and we are not leaving again.

Read the general media, including what one friend of mine calls the “New York Slimes.”

Listen to CNN (the WalMart of cable news). I saw a British lawmaker on BBC call a Palestinian who was seen on television stabbing a 70-year-old woman an “alleged attacker.”

Buddy, we got no friends out there besides ourselves. Time we realized that. Obama betrayed us and the State Department refers to stabbing attacks on civilian Israelis part of a “cycle of violence.” So, what do we do?

Well, I think it is time for something that is really not that unique or that bold. We have cities which the Palestinians and the U.N. call “Settlements.” Well, at one point so was Cleveland. We also have some illegal “outposts” that have no right to be where they are.

Draw borders and if those “outposts” fall outside the declared borders of the Jewish State, so be it. This will not be easy politically. The U.N., perhaps the most anti-Semitic deliberative body on earth will not be happy. The Arab States will not be happy; finally they will have to live up to the promises they have made all these years to the Palestinians.

Refugees? Talk to any Sephardic Jew who was thrown out of the Arab country in which his family had lived for centuries. Seven hundred thousand of our brethren lost their homes and businesses. Thank God they had a “Homeland” to come to.

Is this a bad idea? Perhaps. You have a better one?


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