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Zionistas would like your support

Five years ago, four motivated women went to lunch in Mount Dora. That in itself is not unusual—but what happened as a result is.

Jewish and Christian, they realized each had a love for Israel and a desire to support the land and fight anti-Semitism through awareness, advocacy, and activism. They knew there were many other women in Central Florida who felt the same way. By the time they returned to Orlando, they came up with a plan—and Zionistas was born.

Five years later, this coalition of Christian and Jewish women has worked together in powerful ways to support Israel and fight hatred. They’ve met bi-monthly and have brought in nationally recognized speakers and influential local speakers. Zionistas gives these women and men an important platform to share with our community about the anti-Israel BDS movement, terrorism, and more.

Now they’d like to ask for your help

“At every meeting, we say we’re unique not just because we’re Jews and Christians working together but because we have no membership dues! In fact, we’ve only asked for donations at one meeting (and that was to cover the speaker fee of $500),” said co-founder Eva Ritt.

They still don’t charge dues—but they do want to ask for your help in two ways:

1. If you agree with Zionistas’ message, would you make an end-of-year donation? You’ll help them continue to bring in top speakers and provide security at the meetings. You can mail a check payable to “Zionistas,” c/o Diana Scimone, PO Box 951599, Lake Mary FL 32795. Please include your email address.

2. Would you tell a friend about Zionistas and invite her to the next meeting? (You can also invite a Zionisto; lots of men come to each meeting.)

Zionistas have an exciting schedule of speakers coming up in 2016 and information will be coming in the next few weeks.

There has never been a more critical time to stand with Israel than today. “Thank you for sharing your heart with us and responding to this request. Together we can make a difference,” said Ritt.


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