It's not bigotry-it's common sense


Dear Editor:

Ms. Wendy Wisner’s touching concern for the so-called Muslim refugees (Heritage, Jan. 8, 2016, Page 12) with analogies to the Jewish Holocaust victims is naïve and inappropriate. Before the U.S. entered World War II, Jewish victims of Nazism were not welcomed there as refugees but permitted to come to the U.S. only under the quota immigration laws—with affidavits from relatives guaranteeing that they would not require welfare support when they arrived. Many, like my family, waited five years or longer before receiving a visa to come to the U.S.

We Jews threatened no one and were more than happy to blend in with Western democratic cultures.

Our current president on the other hand, has imported thousands of Muslims from Africa and the Middle East and secretly dispersed them among the States without even advising the governors of those states. Hussein Obama (sic) now wants to bring thousands more from Syria.

When interviewed, these “refugees,” and indeed significant number of Muslims already here (at least 13 percent), have expressed no intention of accepting American laws or democracy. Their displeasure with Assad (dictator of Syria) is mostly tribal, and their differences with ISIS are similar. We have already witnessed multiple mass murders inspired by Muslim fanaticism, and many more were prevented only because the would-be perpetrators were apprehended before carrying out their murderous plans.

The Kurds and other decent Muslims are fighting hard for justice in their geographical areas and are not to be found among the so-called refugees. There are 57 Muslim countries where these refugees should be welcomed, but only Jordan has accepted them (also Turkey with some reluctance). Many have been welcomed with open arms in Europe where they promptly promoted anti-Semitism and more recently raped women and murdered Frenchmen.

Thus, the postponement (predictably indefinitely) of admitting many thousands of so-called Muslim refugees into the U.S. in not bigotry. It is common sense.

David G. Danziger

Winter Park


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