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A book to help children understand surgery


In an ongoing effort to assist patients, and particularly young patients overcome the emotional challenges associated with hospitalization, the Lincoln David Abraham Paediatric Educational Institute at Shaare Zedek released a book titled “Preparation for Surgery.” The full color book is specifically designed for children to help familiarize themselves through bright pictures and explanations of the process involved in undergoing surgery at the hospital.

The 40-page publication uses a story-book form to chart the course of a young girl who undergoes a surgical procedure at Shaare Zedek. From the initial step of undergoing pre-op tests until the child is released from the hospital, the reader is familiarized with every step he or she might have to take while at Shaare Zedek.


The pictures display the ultra-modern new Wohl Surgical Operating Complex to allow both children and parents to appreciate that they are being cared for in a truly state of the art facility. Patients realize through the use of the photos and accompanying text that every effort is made to minimize any emotional traumas that might be associated with hospitalization.


“This book was written with the understanding that if a child knows what he or she is going to experience they will be that much less fearful,” says Sara Shoshani. “When it comes to being in a hospital setting it’s critical that the child as well as their parents is always informed of everything that is going on because we believe that the more they can know the less traumatic their time here will be.”

The book doesn’t shy away from the more difficult and even painful aspects of surgery and clearly shows that patients will need to undergo often uncomfortable procedures like inserting IVs or other tubes. But by displaying that the hospital staff is always there to be supportive and accessible, there are aspects of a hospitalization that can even be fun and interesting. 

As the book ends, “Best of luck with your surgery. Believe me when I say that you won’t feel anything during the operation and even if you have some pain afterwards that’s also not for certain but most of all we wish you a full and speedy recovery.”

The main “actress” in the photos is a patient who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and has been a regular student at the Institute for several years. The young girl welcomes the creative project as a way to show other children that the hospital in general and Shaare Zedek in particular doesn’t need to be something to fear.

“Preparing for Surgery” is available in print or on video.

The Youtube video version may be seen by clicking on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkRFz6JrhkE

The print version and/or a higher resolution video file may be obtained by sending an email to Westernregion@acsz.org.


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