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Two Holy Qurans


Dear Editor:

I want to compliment the leadership of the Jewish Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando for reaching out to the local Muslim community. It is through interactions such as this that we as Jews can learn more about the Muslim community and Islam.

We have much to learn!

How many are aware that the early chapters of the Quran were written in Mecca and talk of tolerance and co-existence but the later, and superceding chapters, were written in Medina and are filled with violence, espousing death to infidels (kafirs), submission, sex slavery, permission to make false statements (taquiya) in order to promote Islam, authorizes the taking of child brides, encourages abuse of females, and much more. It is this part of the Quran which is being practiced by the fundamentalist Muslims, such as the Islamic State (IS), Al Qaida, the Wahabis, the Salafis, Boko Haram and others. This is the one we, as non-Muslims, should fear.

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans are not educated in the truths behind Islam. They hear only the abrogated versions of Islam and the Quran. The topic of the Medina chapters of the Quran is never openly discussed as it should be. The slow introduction of sharia law into our American way of life is also not discussed openly and therefore not understood. We need to learn about Islam as though our lives depend on it... because they do.

Laurence Morrell



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