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Richard Tucker

Oy vay, here we go again?...

I am really getting concerned about the rise of anti-Semitism. It is upsetting to say the least, but not talking about it, keeping quiet about it, is definitely the WRONG thing to do. So I am passing on to you the following article in part from the World Jewish Congress (WJC) Digest:

"The Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a unanimous resolution regarding 'the safety and security of Jewish communities in Europe.' This follows March 2015 hearing in which World Jewish Congress leaders delivered poignant testimonies.

The resolution, pointing to data from the FBI and Jewish Community Security Service in France, home to Europe's largest Jewish community, the number of anti-Semitic acts rose from 423 to 851 between 2013 and 2014. These included acts involving violence, which rose in number from 105 to 241.

In Britain, an increase in anti-Semitic acts from 535 to 1,168 was recorded. In Germany, recorded incidents rose sharply from 788 to 1,076. The resolution also highlighted several serious incidents from 2015, including the January terror attack at a kosher supermarket in Paris and the February attack at Copenhagen's main synagogue. The resolution was introduced by Democratic Congressman CHRIS SMITH, who chairs the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations. 'This resolution is a blueprint for actions that are critical to prevent more deadly attacks on Europe's Jewish communities,' Smith said in a statement.

Formal recognition and partnerships between governments and Jewish community groups are key. The resolution also highlights the need for research, training, resources, public awareness campaigns and communication as part of the fight against anti-Semitic violence. If our government encourages and works with our European allies to do these things, it will help save lives' he added. In addition to working with European governments to achieve these goals, the resolution calls for working with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the European Union, the EU's police agency, Europol, and the International police organization Interpol."

(Anti-Semitism is here in the States as well, so we have to keep informing people that it exists and where it exists. We must remember the words Never Again...NEVER AGAIN!)

Remembering Jewish history...

Jan. 8, 1975, marked the death of Richard Tucker at age 61. Born Rubin Ticker in Brooklyn, N.Y., he enjoyed a dual career as a cantor and world-renowned operatic tenor. His cantorial recordings are considered among the finest of their kind.

You can't hear my Brooklyn accent. Right?...

WRONG???? Okay, it never leaves me! Anyway, writing that Richard Tucker was born in Brooklyn reminded me of a movie I saw on TV recently. "On The Town" is its name featuring Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Jules Munshin. "New York, New York, a wonderful town. The Bronx is up and the Battery's down, New York, New York, it's a wonderful town!" Leonard Bernstein and Comden Green wrote the song but I can't sing it because of my Brooklyn accent. (New Yawk, New Yawk... oh well.)

A talented writer...

I recently received an email from LOIS ALPERT and pass it along to you:

"Our daughter, LINDSAY SAMUELS, wrote and self published 'The Infinite Puzzle'. It explores her own life experiences, both painful and enlightening, while giving tools to help others dealing with their own journeys. From insecurities to dealing with the loss of loved ones, to everyday stress, she offers meditation, Choice Theory and other approaches that are easily available to everyone.

Lindsay's goal is not to make a fortune, but to add richness to the lives of those who read her book (and apply these tools). Those who have bought it, say it has changed their lives. It's the type of book that you keep close...on your night table or wherever you can just pick it up when you need some inspiration.

Lindsay lives by her words. Every moment in her daily life is motivated by her pure intention and consideration towards others. Lindsay is currently teaching Yoga while further expanding her knowledge of meditation and various forms of yoga throughout he world.

I've attached the link for those interested to purchase Lindsay's book directly, or people can contact me at and they can buy it from me. Here's the link..."

(I would probably benefit from Lindsay's book as I try to find happiness inspite of my grief.)

"These boots were made for walking"...

I'm not writing about the NANCY SINATRA hit song. Rather about a terrific show coming to Orlando very soon.

"Kinky Boots" is a Broadway musical with music and lyrics by Tony, Emmy and Grammy-winner Cyndi Lauper and a book by Tony-winner Harvey Fierstein.

It is opening at the Dr. Phillips Center for The Performing Arts, 445 S. Magnolia Ave, Orlando, on Feb. 23.

Based on the 2005 film "Kinky Boots" by Geoff Deane and Tim Firth, which was inspired by true events, the musical tells the story of Charlie Price, who inherits a shoe factory from his father. To save the business, Charlie forms an unlikely partnership with cabaret performer and drag queen, Lola. With Lola's help, Charlie develops a plan to produce a line of high-heeled boots. In the process, he and Lola discover that they are not so different after all.

This much acclaimed musical took Broadway by storm and now we have the opportunity to enjoy it right here!

For ticket information, phone 855-660-7034 or 844-513-2014.

(Don't miss this one folks!)

One for the road...

Sam's daughter says to him one day, "Dad, as you're coming up to 80, why don't you go see Doctor Seigal and get him to give you a full medical? You haven't been yourself ever since Mom died."

"OK," says Sam. And sure enough, a week later, he has a full health check.

Three days afterwards, Doctor Seigal is surprised to see Sam walking towards him in Winter Park with a beautiful, sexy looking lady on his arm. She looks no more than 30. When they meet, Doctor Seigal says, "It's nice to see you Sam. When you have a moment, why don't you call me? I have something I need to discuss with you."

"OK doctor," says Sam, "I'll call you this afternoon."

When Sam rings later that day, Doctor Seigal says to him, "I see that you've decided to start seeing other women, Sam."

"Yes doctor," replies Sam, "I'm doing what you suggested when you said 'get a hot mamma and be cheerful.'"

Lindsay Samuels

"But that's not what I said, Sam," said Doctor Seigal, "I told you that 'you've got a heart murmur... be careful.


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