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By Gloria Yousha
Scene Around 

Scene Around


Harold Arlen

We should never glorify anti-Semitism...

I just read this in my new World Jewish Congress (WJC) digest under the heading "Plans for Statue of anti-Semitic Hungarian Minister halted." I pass it along to you in part:

"Following an international outcry, including a global petition campaign by the WJC, the city council of Szekesfehervar in Hungary voted against the proposal of the Balint Homan Foundation to erect a statue in honor of the former minister who drafted anti-Jews laws prior to and during World War II.

Homan served as minister of education and religion in the 1930sand 1940s and was partly responsible for drafting legislation in 1938 and 1939 to restrict the rights of Jews in Hungary.

The plans to erect the statue provoked strong protests by local and international Jewish groups, including theWJC, and was denounced by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Hungary's Jewish community and the WJC had called on Orban to block the plan, which would have been partly funded by government money.

WJC President Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder thanked Prime Minister Orban for 'making the standpoint of the Hungarian government very clear. No honors must be given to those who prepared the ground for the mass murder of 600,000 Hungarian Jews by Nazi Germany in 1944. It would have been a travesty if the taxpayer, including more than 100,000 Hungarian Jews, would have had to contribute toward a statue for a man who not only hated Jews, but who helped actively in their persecution.'"

Remembering Jewish history...

(Which, in this case, just happens to be U.S. history too.)

Just a few weeks ago, February 15 1905 to be exact, marked the birthday of composer Harold Arlen (born Hyman Arluck). The son of a cantor, Arlen is considered one of the greatest composers of the 20th century, writing and co-writing over 400 songs.

(As a singer, I have performed many of his wonderful songs, all very famous and instantly recognized. He died in 1986.)

Never too young to care...

I received this email about two wonderful youngsters titled "Two Little Mensch's" and I pass it along to you:

"Kudos to JACOB SCHEINBERG and DAGNY NELSON (age 4) who brought sunshine and smiles to elderly residents at Horizon Bay. The children came in costume to celebrate Purim with the Jewish Pavilion. They entertained the seniors by dancing to the music performed by BOB GLICKMAN. The children held hands with residents in wheelchairs and swayed to the tunes. Seniors who were half asleep perked up immediately when Jacob and Dagny asked them to dance.

Compassion cannot be learned by talking about it. Children must practice compassion in their daily lives. Developing compassion in elementary and middle school-aged children is akin to developing muscle strength. The more you use your muscles, the stronger they get. Thanks to the Jewish Pavilion, children can learn to feel connected to their communities and know they can make a difference in the world through acts of compassion."

Speaking of compassion for seniors...

The Jewish Pavilion is helping families at no charge with all issues pertaining to older adults through the Senior Help Desk. Assisting older adults and their families with the challenges of aging is what their most proud of.

Finding resources and helping to arrange services is expertly done by EMILY NEWMAN, Senior Resource specialist, She can be reached at 407-766-9032 or the Jewish Pavilion office, 407-678-9363. You can also reach her online at emilyjewishpavilion@gmail.com.

(Okay, I will mark that information down for when I am a senior in about 20 years or so...OH SHUT UP!)

One for the road...

Jacob Scheinberg (l) and Dagny Nelson

Max and Leah visit a plastic surgeon.

When asked what they would like done, Max replies, "It's her tuchus, doctor, her backside is getting so large that I can no longer get my hands around it."

"So," says the doctor, "you would like me to perform a tuchus reduction?"

"No, no," replies Max, "I need a hand enlargement."

(No comment.)

Here's another "groaner"...(told to me by HILDE SANDS so blame her please, not me!)

A Riddle:

Question: Why did the stadium get so hot after the ballgame?

Answer: All the fans left!

(I warned you!)


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