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By Jim Shipley
Shipley speaks 

It's not the P.A.


Joe Biden visited Israel in the past few weeks. He had a little better dinner with Bibi—last time he left before dinner was served because the Shas Housing minister decided to stick his thumb in the eye of Israel’s number one ally by announcing new Jerusalem settlements while Biden was in town.

This trip, Biden went to visit the offices of the Palestine Authority in Ramallah, where he heard the old saw that the present terror attacks against civilians by Palestinians (which, in addition to over 40 Israelis, has killed two U.S. citizens so far) is because of new settlements. Shame that Biden or his aides cannot read Arabic. They would have seen article after article, statement after statement praising the “martyrs” who died in “The Palestinian Cause.”

The P.A. is one of the great cons of the past 50 years. The U.S. and other nations pour millions per year into this corrupt enterprise. The money is then sucked out by the leaders, the politicians in favor and the terror organizations bent on the destruction of the Jewish state. Arafat got rich and his widow got richer stealing from the Palestinian people. Abbas might not be bright enough to get his hand in the till, but you can bet there are those who are building that nest egg in Paris, the Canary Islands or elsewhere out of the line of fire.

The P.A. has no interest in a peace deal with Israel; no interest in a “two-State Solution.” The corruption might have to come to a close, the populace would no longer be able to keep their eye on Israel as the bad guy, the good times might well come to an end.

Presently Hamas and Hezbollah, the resident Shai terrorist organizations in Gaza and Lebanon, are well supplied through a billion plus in Iranian money that will go their way now that the Iran Nuclear Deal is a reality. True, the agreement has nothing to do with anything but nuclear weapons, but the side effects are almost as dangerous as the bombs it is supposed to delay.

So, since they have the money they need to build the tunnels from Gaza into Israel, it might be time for the P.A. to help rebuild that little strip of land. Oh, that’s right—they don’t control Gaza. So, what on earth do they do? They have dominion over the West Bank, that part of Judea and Samaria that they claimed after partition in 1947 and which, for the most part, Israel has ceded to them.

They claim sovereignty over East Jerusalem, which Israel took from Jordan in a war Jordan unwisely started along with Egypt and Syria in 1967. Biden and Obama would like to give it back. Suppose the U.S. would like to give Texas back to Mexico? (Hmmm).

As Arab oil becomes less important in the years ahead, as it becomes more and more apparent that most of the discontent and terror is emanated from both Iran and Saudi Arabia, could there be a turning point in international loyalties? Whabism created much more terror than Isis could mount in 20 years. But you never hear a word from the U.S. about the Saudi financing of the most brutal Sunni terrorists.

The P.A., content to keep getting paid well for doing nothing, takes no sides in the overall Mideast disputes. The U.S. on the other hand has contributed billions and billions of dollars and thousands and thousands of American lives to settle absolutely nothing.

If the P.A. were to disappear, would the Palestinian people be better or worse? Well, surveys have shown for years that given the choice, an overwhelming percentage of Palestinians on the so-called West Bank would rather live in Israel than in a Palestinian State.

The stinking cancer known as BDS has had one small effect on Israel so far. The successful SodaStream plant on the West Bank in Palestinian territory closed. That cost hundreds of Palestinian citizens their jobs. Well done guys.

The P.A. is all in with BDS. The P.A. loves the status quo. As long as the Arab publicity machine continues to turn out untrue stories about Israel and some of the world eats it up, the P.A. can continue its scam. Those who see this festering wound as a salvation instead of a cancer are, some day, in for a rude awakening.

The political scandals of South and Central America pale in comparison to the P.A. At least down there, the politicians are screwing their own people who put them in office. The P.A.? Actually created by the international community and continually fed by them. They are the mother pig to all the little piglets of the Authority. Staying in that metaphor for a moment, the British and Hindu Indians used to kill Muslim terrorists and wrap their bodies in pigskin so that they could not enter Heaven. Nasty but effective.


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