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AIPAC must apologize for condemning Trump's speech

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein released the following statement:

On Monday evening, at AIPAC’s invitation, Donald Trump presented his views on the Arab war against Israel at AIPAC’s policy conference. It is innappropriate that AIPAC’s leaders then turned around the next morning and condemned Trump’s appropriate criticism of President Obama’s anti-Israel policies. It was also disgraceful that AIPAC’s leaders chastised the rank-and-file AIPAC audience for cheering Trump’s well-justified condemnation of President Obama.

Trump was asked to present his views on the current situation affecting Israel. Trump wasn’t asked to present AIPAC’s opinion in the way that AIPAC wanted. Everyone understands that speeches given at such a conference are the personal beliefs of the speaker—not AIPAC’s. It was ludicrous and wrong for AIPAC to have publicly taken issue with wholly justified concerns of Obama’s policies toward Israel. 

AIPAC’s leaders should apologize to Mr. Trump.


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