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Who are the Jews buried in the St. Augustine National Cemetery?


The Jacksonville’s Main Public Library will host an overview of the Jewish history of the United States’ oldest European city, presented by the St. Augustine Jewish Historical Society. The presentation will be open to the public at no charge and will be held in the Lounge at 303, adjacent to the Laura Street entrance of the Main Library at 303 North Laura Street at 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 22. 

The presentation affords the Jewish Historical Society an opportunity to share new information about the Jews buried in the St. Augustine National Cemetery and the work being done to link Antonio Martinez Carvajal, the chief harbor pilot of St. Augustine in the 1570s to the Carvajal family of Mexico City whose family members were burned at the stake in the 1590s after having confessed under torture to participating in Jewish rituals. 

For more information about the event, contact the St. Augustine Jewish Historical Society, Rabbi Merrill Shapiro, president, at Rabbi32164@gmail.com or 804-914-4460.


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