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New Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool helps clean for the holidays


Jay Feinberg of Olney, Maryland. invented a unique pen-shaped cleaning tool that helps clean the house for Passover as well as safely removes candle wax drips left by Shabbat and Hanukkah candles. The new product called the Scrigit Scraper was inspired by his mom's sturdy long fingernails and can remove small amounts of unwanted substances, such as dried food, adhesive labels and buildups of chamitz in corners, edges and grooves, without damaging household surfaces.

The old saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention." For Feinberg, he found that his mother was the inspiration for invention. "My mother always had sturdy long fingernails that she used as very effective mini-scrapers to clean up around the house, and of course were always readily available," said Feinberg. "Most of us do not have such sturdy nails, so I decided to invent a cleaning tool that replicated the shape of the fingernail and could be kept almost as handy."

The Scrigit Scraper is a safe, easy to use and convenient cleaning tool for small cleaning tasks that provides an alternative to using one's own fingernails or metal scrapers. Fingernails break easily while metal scrapers and kitchen knives can damage surfaces being cleaned.

Jay Feinberg and his wife Cindy Feinberg created Scrigit, LLC to market the Scrigit Scraper. "People have limited time they want to devote to cleaning, and the Scrigit Scraper makes cleaning jobs faster and easier without damaging the surfaces being cleaned," said Cindy Feinberg.

Preparations for Passover present their own challenges. According to Chabad.org, "Make sure you get into all those hard-to-reach places: under the sofa cushions, the spaces between the floorboards. Move aside furniture and kitchen appliances to get behind and underneath. Bottom line: if that proverbial cookie crumb could be hiding there, go after it!" The Scrigit Scraper is the perfect tool for getting into tight spaces where crumbs can be lurking.

The Scrigit Scraper is made of a durable plastic material with a different style scraper at each end. The rounded and angled lower tip is intended to replicate the shape of a fingernail. The rounded shape helps break through thicker buildups, clean curved surfaces, and remove adhesive labels and stickers without damaging the surfaces being cleaned. The flat-edged scraper at the top works well on flat surfaces and getting into narrow spaces, such as metal shower door tracks and grooves in household surfaces.

"I designed the scraper to be about the same size as a pen," said Jay Feinberg, "so that the tool can be kept handy where it is likely to be used and grabbed quickly when needed."

The pocket-sized tool can easily be stored in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, workshops, garages, cars, pockets and purses.

The Scrigit Scraper is produced in the United States and sold in 2-packs and 5-packs on Amazon.com and Scrigit-Scraper.com. The product can also be purchased at a growing number of independent hardware stores, housewares stores and gift shops, including some synagogue gift shops.

"We're excited to bring a new cleaning tool to the market to make the cleaning process easier for consumers," said Cindy Feinberg, "and the tool is also great for cleaning up candle wax drips from Shabbat and Hanukkah candles as well as for arts and crafts."

For more information about the Scrigit Scraper, visit their website at Scrigit-Scraper.com.


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