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By Jim Shipley
Shipley speaks 

Bernie, BDS and the Saudis


Bernie Sanders drew a reported 28,000 people to a rally in Brooklyn. That’s a lot of folks for a 74-year-old man to draw to a speech. But, it doesn’t seem to translate into wins in primaries.

Bernie has struck a chord with unhappy Democrats (and Socialists) who feel the odds stacked against them in the present system of politics and big business. And, pretty much they are right. The five biggest financial institutions issue 75 percent of the credit cards in this country as well as most of the car loans and mortgages. So, what to do about it? Bernie is a little fuzzy on the details of breaking up banks and getting middle class folks earning more money.

Where he is really fuzzy is on foreign affairs. God bless him, he stays on message. Ask him about ISIS and he’ll say something like: “Bad people—but so are the one percent who... yadda, yadda, yadda.”

On Israel? Well, let’s say he is more than muddled. He has come down on the side of the Anti-Israel J Street, the far left misinformed and various anti-Semites. He says that Israel “over reacted in its response to Palestinian rockets during the Gaza war.” That it was “disproportionate.” Bernie, Bubbie, if somebody is trying to kill you and announces their intention, what is a “proportioned” response?

What other nation on earth would robo-call everyone in a building to tell them to get out because it is going to be bombed? Israel did that in Gaza, even though it also alerted terrorists deliberately targeting Israeli civilians.

Do Palestinians have it rough? Damn betcha. But, they selected Hamas as their government, one dedicated to ending the Jewish State and killing Jews world-wide. So, if not as a Jew, at least as a member of society, Bernie should take a step back. Bernie should balance his anti-Israel Jewish back office staff with some kids who have been on BirthRight. Oh—the “Two State Solution”? Bern—who you going to negotiate with?

Which leads directly to BDS—the Boycott, Disinvest and Sanction anti-Israel movement. To even think of a Jew being involved in this dastardly activity fueled with Arab dollars boggles one’s mind. This movement lies about Israel, its laws, its customs, its very way of life. It is at its core, anti-Semitic.

What’s really at stake? A Jewish Nation. The people back in their homeland have risen from abject poverty and a barren desert land. It was founded in great part by people who lost everything and had nothing when they landed on its shores—who created the twelfth largest economy in the world. And that’s with a population of less than seven million people!

Let’s tie that in with J Street. A lot of the money flowing into J Street comes from some dubious contributors. J Street offers an alternative to “The Forces of AIPAC.” Well, we Jews know all about that. Put two of us in a room and you will get three opinions—if not more. But, its main message is a virulent and loud condemnation of the government of Israel. OK, but until you live there, pay taxes there and hesitate to visit a market or get on a bus for fear of not getting home; shut up.

Joe Biden went to a J Street Conference and stated the problem holding up a “Two State Solution” was settlements. Settlements? Netanyahu put a freeze on all “settlements” for nine months. Did Abbas or anyone else show up at the table? The PA/Hamas alliance is dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish State. Period.

Ah, now to the Saudis. The Saudis come from the Sunni side of the street. It all harkens back to when Muhammad died. He left no heir. So a son-in-law and a cousin fought it out. The family battle has been going on for at least 1200 years.

None of our politicians can really justify why we are involved in that internecine battle. Since 2003, we have lost thousands of lives of brave youngsters for no discernable good reason.

The Sunni Saudis are terrified of the Iranians. The Iranians are Shia (the other side of the family feud). In 1976, the “Holy City” of Mecca was attacked by terrorists. It took French commandos to get them out of the Sacred Mosque during the height of the Haj.

The Saudis quickly made a deal with a number of Sunni terrorist groups. “Leave us alone and we will fund your Madrassas to train young terrorists and preach Wahhabism (the most violent of Koran-inspired religions).” They are the main salesmen of “Kill the Infidels.” Which of course, means you and me.

Let’s get back to Bernie and J Street. We have enough real enemies out to eliminate Jews and Judaism without doing it to ourselves.


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