JFS Orlando receives grant for Family Stabilization Program


Shown here (l-r): Executive Director Eric Geboff, JFS Orlando Grants Manager Heather Betts and Orlando Sentinel Family Fund Charitable Giving & Communications Manager Lisa Jacobsen.

JFS Orlando recently received a $40,000 grant through the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund, a McCormick Foundation Fund. The grant will support the organization's Family Stabilization Program.

The Family Stabilization Program strives to improve a family's overall stability and self-sufficiency through financial education workshops, employability workshops, mental health counseling, individual financial counseling and providing case management to help improve their educational or employment status.

"We can't thank the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund enough and we are so grateful that they selected JFS Orlando to receive this generous grant," said JFS Orlando Executive Director Eric Geboff. "The Family Stabilization Program is a key component to helping our neighbors in need and this grant allows us to continue to positively impact the lives of many Central Florida families and helping them get back on their feet."

In 2015, JFS Orlando assisted 51 families through the Family Stabilization Program and is currently running at an 84 percent success rate. The success rate is determined by the completion of the 6-month program and improvement to their overall stability and self-sufficiency. 

$415,000 was distributed to 12 nonprofit organizations in Central Florida through the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund in this grant cycle.


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