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We should be concerned about Muslim on Muslim violence


Dear Editor:

In response to the May 20, 2016, Lexi Goldstein letter to the editor, ‘Registered student organizations have a right to exist on campus,’ is really about shutting down free speech.

Ms. Goldstein makes the argument that the UCF Muslim Student Association (MSA) couldn’t possibly have any real troubling terrorist connections because ‘Rez’ told her so. Rez, a follower of Islam, holds a dual membership in the UCF MSA and UCF Knights For Israel. Rez describes himself as simultaneously pro-Israel and pro-Palestine which is a very difficult position to justify because the Palestinians call for the destruction of Israel in their Hamas Charter.

The second paragraph of the Hamas Charter states, “Israel will exist and continue to exist until Islam obliterates it as it has obliterated others before it” (Hassan al-Banna, founder of The Muslim Brotherhood).

Removing the second paragraph of the Hamas Charter calling for the obliteration of Israel is a good starting point for a walk down the road to peaceful coexistence. Ms. Goldstein appears to make conclusions about the MSA and Muslims in general based on her relationship with her friend Rez.  

What should concern all of us, is the brutal, bloody, and horrific Muslim on Muslim violence going on right now throughout North Africa, Indonesia, and the Middle East by Sunni and Shia Muslims. Over time, Muslims have killed far more of their fellow Muslims than they have Christians or Jews. What we’re seeing now in the Middle East is the continuation of Iranian Shia’s fighting Sunni Muslims for dominance in Syria and Iraq. So how did this all start your probably asking?

The Shia Sunni violence began when Mohammad failed to transmit a clear line of succession after his death. I wish all those millions of murdered Muslims died for something more meaningful, but that is not the case. If the followers of Islam can not stop killing each other over Mohammad’s succession of power mistake 1400 years ago, how can Jews, Christians, and all the other ‘non-Muslims’ feel safe when Islamists can’t figure out how to stop killing their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters? 

If our Muslim friends can learn to tolerate each other instead of killing each other, then maybe they will leave all of us non-Muslim Kuffar’s alone in peace? Until a Sunni Shia peace happens then we Jews, Christians, and ‘others’ don’t stand a chance.

On the other hand, Israeli military experts say that as long as the Sunni and Shia’s are focused on killing each other in Iraq and Syria, less time is spent focusing on killing the Jews, Christians, and wiping Israel off the map.

So stop the hate and silly micro aggressions against those who voice their concerns about the Global Jihad Movement. We need to have a national dialogue about Muslim on Muslim violence because a large segment of the followers of Islam are the true Islamophobes and haters and killers of each other.

Alan Kornman



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