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Letter to the Editor 

Acceptance and respect:


Dear Editor:

This may come as a shock to many, but I have to agree with letter writer, Lexi Goldstein. The Muslim Student Association at UCF does deserve both acceptance and respect as an organization and as individuals. However, in order to earn acceptance, they have to be accepting. In order to be respected, they have to respect others. In order to listen to the truth, they must first speak the truth.

To the best of my knowledge, the MSA (Muslim Student Association) on many college campuses does none of the above prerequisites. I have no first hand experience with the MSA at UCF, but “if it quacks like a duck...” 

The MSA has a close relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization. The MSA was the first organization started in the United States by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the Pakistani Jammat-e-Islam organizations in 1963. Both are noted terrorist organizations.

So until the MSA/UCF as both individuals and as an organization is willing to totally disavow being part of the Muslim Brotherhood, until they as individuals and as an organization are willing to respect the geo-political rights of the Israelis, until they as individuals and as an organization are willing to accept Israel’s right to exist and as soon as they as individuals and as an organization speak the historical, documented, verifiable truth, they should not be accepted. They should not be respected. They should not be recognized as a legitimate organization.

Aryeh ben Avrum

Avichail, Israel


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