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Dr. Sigmund Freud

Will it NEVER end?...

We've all heard and repeated the saying "Never Again" referring to the Holocaust. Correct words... but unfortunately, it will take more than words to stop the rise of anti-Semitism that seems to be repeating itself in Europe and even here and there in this country.

The following is just an example of attacks all over Europe in recent months:

Manchester, England: While waiting for their train, four young Jews were attacked by four hatemongers, leaving the youngest, just 17 years old, in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage.

Paris, France: A group of thugs taunted and viciously beat a 13-year-old Jewish boy outside of his school.

Brussels, Belgium: "Jewish Scum." Those words and others accusing Jews of being "thieves, murderers, liars" and "degenerate" were sent in a letter to a member of Parliament.

Zurich, Switzerland: A member of the neo-Nazi rock group Amok spat in the face of a man leaving a synagogue while shouting "Heil Hitler."

Copenhagen, Denmark: Security guard Dan Uzan, 37, was shot and killed by an Islamic jihadist during a bar mitzvah celebration at a Jewish community center near the great synagogue.

Grassina, Italy: In this Tuscan town, anti-Semitic vandals spray painted "Jews to the gas" and swastikas on a Jewish community center.

There are many more examples, but you get the picture.

I don't know what to do except to be vigilant.

A date to remember in Jewish history...

On May 6th 1856, Sigmund Freud was born to Jewish parents in the Czech Republic. He and his family lived in Germany and Vienna, but threatened by the Nazi occupation of Austria, emigrated to England in 1938. He died in London in 1939.

A Jewish Federation mensch...

This comes word for word from the Jewish Federation and the Jewish Day School:

Dr. JORDAN STEINBERG has just completed his very successful term as President of the Board of the Jewish Academy of Orlando (JAO). During his presidency Jordan invested a great deal of personal time, energy and resources to help strengthen the JAO. Jordan and his fellow board members have led the school through a crucial strategic transition, and JAO is on a much stronger footing as a direct result of this leadership.

A product of a Jewish day school education himself, Jordan understand the vital role that a Jewish day school experience plays in creating and reinforcing a positive Jewish identity for its students.

As JAO's president, Jordan has worked closely with Federation leadership. His positive, collaborative, consensus-building approach to challenges has strengthened this important relationship. Jordan "has demonstrated time and again that he is most deserving of our admiration and gratitude," said Federation Executive Director OLGA YORISH. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Jordan for his service to JAO, and we congratulate him on his extraordinary accomplishments. Our Greater Orlando Jewish community benefits every day from his leadership, his vision and his wisdom."

A reminder...

On Sunday, June 26th, beginning at 12:30 p.m., there will be a very special and talented group of musicians performing jazz at the Altamonte Chapel.

RICH WALKER is the star and he will be joined by musicians, MARK MCKEE on piano, REX WERTZ on tenor/flute, WALT HUBBARD on drums and CARLOS FERNANDEZ on congas/percussion.

ALAN ROCK will emcee.

Dr. Jordan Steinberg

The Altamonte Chapel is located at 825 East SR 436, Altamonte Springs. The phone number is 407-339-5208.

One for the road...

Moshe went to Ohev Shalom cemetery to visit his friend Daniel's grave. When he got there, he was shocked to see that Daniel's new headstone was leaning forward by some 45 degrees and could topple over. So Moshe took some wire from his car, tied one end around the headstone and fastened the other end onto a nearby telephone pole. Then he left.

Some days later, two more of Daniel's friends, Abe and Izzy came to visit him. Abe took one look at the grave and said to Izzy, "That's just like Daniel. He's only been here a short while and already he's got his own phone."


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