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Roddie Edmonds

Who carries a gun?...

(If you do, please don't tell... and don't shoot!)

What kind of introduction to a column is this, you ask?

Well, my answer is, knowing that I write this column well in advance of publication, the worst massacre in U.S. history happened just yesterday in Orlando.

What a nightmare this year has been for me. First, many months ago, losing Irv, my spouse of 55 years. Then a few days ago, hearing from my cousin that his dearest friend committed suicide and now this disaster.

Unfortunately, I knew one of the young victims.

Edward Sotomayor, Jr. was a terrific guy, always upbeat and fun to be with. He lived in Sarasota but came up to Orlando to help his friend who owned Pulse nightclub and bar, with the stage and some packing.

Why was his killer able to purchase an assault weapon? Why does anyone not in a war zone need an assault weapon? (Nuff said)

My deepest sympathy goes to his family in Sarasota.

Righteous among us...

I read this in the World Jewish Congress (WJC) digest and pass it along to you in part:

"The late Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds, of the 422nd infantry regiment in the US Army, has been recognized for rescuing Jewish servicemen at the Stalag IXA POW Camp in Germany during World War II. Edmonds participated in the landing of the American forces in Europe, was taken prisoner by the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge and was interned at a POW camp in Germany. In January 1945, the Germans called for all Jewish POWs in Stalag IXA to report the following morning. Edmonds, the highest ranking soldier in the American section of the camp, ordered ALL his men, Jewa and non-Jews alike, to fallout. Seeing all the camp's inmates gathered, the German said, "They cannot all be Jews." Edmonds replied "We are all Jews." Even after his life was threatened, Edmonds did not waver and the German retreated.

He became the first WWII-era American soldier named 'Righteous Among The Nations.' He died in 1985."

A Jewish Pavilion mensch...

I received this email from the Jewish Pavilion recently:

"Corinne Brail has been an active member of the Friends of the Jewish Pavilion Board for more than 10 years.

She is involved in the planning of most of their fundraising events, and she volunteers with seniors making ice cream socials and holiday parties extra special.

When GLORIA NEWBERGER stepped down as the weekly chair of Sing- A- Long at Savannah Court, Lois Silverberg and Corinne Brail stepped up to the plate. Corinne is the essence of warmth and the resident's so value her friendship. She evens sings on key and knows all the songs."

(As a singer myself, I really appreciate that!)


MIKE HARRIS, grocery manager for Publix Market #1285 in Casselberry Commons on SR 436, is one terrific guy!

As busy as he was when I came into the store the other day, he didn't hesitate to help me find a Bar Mitzvah card.

The instant I asked him, he stopped what he was doing and came to my rescue!

One for the road...

Maurice came home from the Reform synagogue one Saturday with a black eye.

"Maurice, what ever happened?" asked his wife Becky.

Resident and Corrine Brail (r).

"Well," said Maurice, "it was like this. During the service, we had to stand several times and on one occasion I noticed that Mrs. Levy, who was sitting in front of me, had her dress stuck in the crease of her bottom, so I leaned forward and pulled it out.  But Mrs. Levy didn't like this at all - she turned around and hit me full in the face with her prayer book."

The following week, Maurice comes back from synagogue with the other eye blackened.

"And what happened this time, Maurice?" asked Becky.

"Well," says Maurice, "it was like this. Once again Mrs. Levy had her dress trapped, but this time my friend Izzy saw it. He leaned over and carefully pulled out the dress. But I know that Mrs. Levy doesn't like this - so I tucked it back in again!"


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