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L-R: Pat Rubenstein and Phil Brown with residents at Horizen Bay Lake Orienta.

Leave it to Israel when it comes to medical advances...

It seems many people I know have diabetes 2. According to the latest World Jewish Congress (WJC) digest, this could be a life-changing development. Read on:

"Diabetic neuropathy, a type of nerve damage associated with the development of foot ulcers resulting from excessive pressure and poor blood supply, affects more than 130 million diabetic patients around the world.

Diabetic neuropathy is also the leading cause of amputation.

While diabetic patients are encouraged to get regular checkups, ulcers are only diagnosed after they occur.

An Israeli team of scientists and doctors at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Medical Center is working on a unique solution to help prevent the development of ulcers and lessen the possibility of amputation.

SenseGO is a machine washable sock containing dozens of micro-fabricated pressure sensors that monitor changes in pressure due to incorrect posture, anatomical deformation or ill-fitting shoes.

Electrical signals are relayed to a smartphone app, and the patient is informed of the developing risks.

A Jewish Pavilion mensch...

I received this email from the Jewish Pavilion and proudly pass it along to you: "PHIL BROWN has lead more Shabbat services than many rabbis. For almost 15 years, he has been conducting Shabbat services for the Jewish Pavilion at Life Care Center in Altamonte Springs and Horizon Bay Lake

Orienta. For many years, his biggest fan was his mother, Doris, who eagerly awaited her bi-monthly services and talked about her darling son to all Pavilion visitors. When Doris passed, Phil continued his volunteer work and his fan club has grown over the years. His extensive knowledge of Judaism, coupled with his strong singing voice make him the ideal service leader. While his services are superb, it is his kindness that truly stands out.

For many years, Phil picked up Joe Zollman and transported him to Life Care so that Joe could continue his volunteer work when driving became an impossibility. When Horizon Bay residents are unable to attend services, Phil visits them in their rooms.

NANCY LUDIN, Pavilion Executive Director, adds 'It would be unfair to thank Phil Brown for his incredible devotion without mentioning his favorite fan and side kick, PAT RUBENSTEIN. Pat has been by his side at Horizon Bay the entire time. She makes sure challah is distributed, everyone's wine cup is filled, cake is served and all is well.

Together, they take time after services to converse with each resident and make them feel extra special.'"

A fabulous treat...

The next meeting of the Congregation Ohev Shalom Seniors will take place on Sunday, Aug. 28th in the synagogue ballroom. AND IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The entertainment will be The Fantastic Duo... and they are indeed FANTASTIC!

"Because this is the first day of the new season and for your pleasure and enjoyment," according to COS Seniors President BERNY RAFF, "we have engaged a husband and wife team known as the Fabulous Duo who will be on stage for one hour and fifteen minutes keeping us in a very happy mode. Following the show we will have all the ice cream and trimming you care to eat and guess what??? YES IT IS FREE... NO CHARGE... ZILCH... GORNISHT!"

Congregation Ohev Shalom is located at 613 Concourse Parkway South, Maitland.

To contact Berny, phone 407-767-6763.

Hope to see you there!

One for the road...


Morris comes home early from work one day, goes into the bedroom, and finds his wife Hetty lying totally naked on the bed. "Oy vey, Hetty, what on earth are you doing?" he asks.

"I've been trying on a few of my dresses," replies Hetty, "and I can't find any that I like. I just don't have as many outfits as my friends do."

"You're meshugga, Hetty," says Morris. "How can you say that when you have more outfits in your wardrobe than you can possibly need. Let me remind you what you have."

Morris goes over to Hetty's wardrobe, opens up the doors, and pointing at each outfit in turn, says, "In your wardrobe you have a green outfit, a red outfit, a shabbes outfit, Mr. Schwartz from next door, a grey outfit, a yom tov outfit, a rose coloured outfit, a ........."


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