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The ACCoRD Project is growing


Recently someone asked me “What ever happened to that group that advocated cooperation and civility?”

That group is the ACCoRD Project (Advocate for Civility, Cooperation, Respect & Dignity). I told her that I was attending a meeting that very evening (Thursday, Sept. 1) and I would let her know what the group is up to now.

What began last January as a small group of women who wanted to make a difference in the way people conduct themselves in the political, journalistic and general public arenas, has grown to 70 members (and growing), with subcommittees.

One subcommittee led by Bonnie Friedman is Ambassadors. These are ACCoRD members who will speak to politicians and the press at arranged meetings to express concern about keeping things civil and respectful.

There is so much news that is sensationalized, most people don’t know what is true and what isn’t. Many of the “credible newspapers” seem more like the National Inquirer. Everything on the Internet needs to be “snoped” (www.snopes.com) to be verified. There must be accountability in reporting and editing. ACCoRD Ambassadors take on the responsibility of addressing these issues face-to-face with politicians and newspapers. Already talks have taken place with Sen. Rubio, Sen. Nelson and plans are in the works to meet with Mayor Dyer.

Plans are also in the works for “Debate Watching Parties,” with analysis through the lens of the ACCoRD Project. There will be three presidential debates: Sept. 26, Oct. 9 and Oct. 19. Bette Hyman and Nancy Greenfield plan to tape the first and third debates to be shown at a later time with group discussion afterward.

Susan Weinman, who heads the Research Subcommittee, shared about “Purple America.” I’d never heard of it. But founder and CEO of PurpleAmerica.us, Stuart Muszynski, has a blog in which he discusses how Americans can get along and build a nation of shared values. The name “Purple America” comes from the blending of red and blue (which makes the color purple).

The group’s goals for the coming year are to double its membership to have a greater voice and build diversity by reaching out to young adults, minorities and other religious groups. ACCoRD does not plan to remain exclusively a Jewish group. As it says in the ACCoRD summer newsletter, “Advocating for civility, cooperation, dignity and respect crosses all lines and is a unifying cause.”

If you would like more information about the ACCoRD Project, visit its Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/theaccordproject.


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