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Five wishes for you in the coming new year


Rhonda Forest, President

Shalom, Friends,

On behalf of the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando, we express our best wishes to you and your family for a sweet New Year 5777. According to Jewish tradition, Rosh Hashanah is the birthday of the world, where our calendar begins. On this day, we are expected to conceive a plan, engage in a vision of the future and renew our commitment to shaping Jewish life.

And as we do on any birthday, we make wishes for the coming year. These are our wishes for the Greater Orlando Jewish community:

Our first wish is that we, as a community, build on the collaborative spirit that has flourished over the past few years. Federation will continue to play a leading role in this effort, bringing together local Jewish agencies, synagogues and organizations to work toward a shared vision and common goals. Through Federation's collaborative community grants and targeted programming, we aspire to nurture a spirit of cooperation that serves to enrich life for all Jews in Central Florida.

Our second wish is for members of our Jewish community to act on the values we embrace by volunteering, either for Federation or for one of Greater Orlando's Jewish agencies. Because time is so precious, contributing a day, an afternoon or even an hour to causes we care about can be one of the most generous commitments of all.

Third, we wish for a deeper connection with Israel and our extended Jewish family around the world. Your support of the Jewish Federation brings Jewish experiences to people of all ages. You make it possible to take care of poor, elderly Jews in Russia and provide opportunity to at-risk children in Israel. One of our most cherished wishes is that whenever a Jew is in need, anywhere in the world, they can count on Federation to help.

Olga Yorish, Executive Director

Next, we wish that members of our community continue to join us in uniquely Jewish experiences throughout the year. Federation's initiatives such as Our Jewish Orlando and Shalom Families give our young people these opportunities. Federation will continue to wholeheartedly support programs and institutions in Orlando that build Jewish identity and celebrate Jewish life.

Our last and most ardent wish is for a true and lasting peace for Israel and the whole world. We enter this New Year fueled by confidence and strength, both of which would not be possible without our friends in Greater Orlando. We thank you for helping us nurture and sustain the Jewish future.

L'Shana Tova UMetukah,

Rhonda Forest, President

Olga Yorish, Executive Director


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