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Jews for Progress distort Trump


Dear Editor:

This letter is in follow-up of and in objection to a large full-page ad that recently appeared in the Heritage Newspaper supporting the Hillary Clinton campaign. In this ad, she highlighted some of her goals and distorted those of Donald Trump on a comparison basis. Accordingly, I would like to voice my observations and comment in a newspaper rebuttal against this ad and counter with support for Donald Trump for president:

FINALLY Donald Trump attacked Hillary for what she is in last week’s second debate. She’s been in government for 30 years and what has she done? The world is a mess, 30,000 emails deleted after the government subpoenaed her to preserve them, pay-for-play in the Clinton foundation, she is dishonest, lies continuously and is a disgrace to the country. She is the most corrupt individual ever to run for POTUS. I could go on and on!

Donald Trump is being attacked by everyone even in his own party, the media and all the major networks except for Fox News. It’s a disgrace! You don’t see that on the Democratic side they stick together even if the message is false. If Mr. Trump loses this election it will be because several members of the establishment Republican Party deserted him and a very, very biased media! 

What do the Establishment Republicans do? They become divided and fight among themselves. They are deserting someone who is trying to do the right thing and I am appalled at this! Donald Trump is an honorable, honest, hard working and very successful business man! He is a man for the people and millions of voters have endorsed him from both sides. We need serious CHANGE in this election before it is too late! Mr. Trump and Mike Pence will bring this much-needed change!

Also there has been many direct attacks on Mr. Trump from several TV and radio stations, newspapers, etc. All false and it is noted that these accusers do not even bring up anything about Hillary and her lies recently brought to bear by the WikiLeaks emails. 

Can you believe I even saw where the media is making a mockery of the debate by using music to describe it? They’re just trying to cover up and distract from the real issues that the American public must pay attention to. It’s a tough fight for Trump but if it’s God’s will he will prevail on Nov. 8 we will have the defeat of Hillary Clinton!  

Keep the Faith. I think Trump has started a movement and he will have to take the fight pretty much by himself, Governor Pence and loyal supporters. I don’t think it’s a campaign anymore I think it’s a movement by the people. GO TRUMP!

Wayne Garrison



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