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On issues for Jews and Israel, Trump is perfect


It can’t be true—the American Jewish community has “forgotten,” or more accurately no longer chooses to remember, the existential threat to Israel, America, and Western civilization posed by Iran and the Iran Deal.

Only last year virtually every mainstream Jewish leader boldly denounced the deal as dangerous, and existentially so. Did our concern dissipate after the Iran deal passed because the ambitions of Iran, the No. 1 sponsor of terrorism, have been tamed in any way? Of course not. Every week there is another statement about destroying Israel and actions taken to show they mean it.

Every week Iran thumbs its nose at the United States despite our government’s best efforts to appease it with vast sums of money and to pretend away its continuous acts of defiance and aggression. The picture of the U.S. sailors with their hands up, humiliated by the Iranians, can not be easily ignored... or can it? In fact, Iran is clearly seeking to become the dominant force in the Middle East, bullying and bombing its neighbors into submission, abetted by the funds—our taxpayer dollars—that this administration sent them. 

So what happened to the awareness of the Jewish community about the imminent danger? This moment in history will cause our children and grandchildren to ask us what were we thinking or were we even thinking when we ignored and denied the dangers facing us. Why did we abandon our sense of obligation to our way of life as Americans and to our brethren in Israel, who are first in line to face the threat of annihilation? 

Why in this presidential campaign have Jewish leaders been silent about issues of utmost importance to the Jewish community, foremost among them, the danger from Iran and the Iran deal? Is it because the presidential candidates take such divergent positions on the Iran deal—Hillary is praising and touting the Iran deal and Trump says it was the “worst deal”—that expressing concern about Iran might lead naturally to the conclusion that we should vote for Trump? Are American Jewish leaders once again going to deny reality, hope for the best, engage in altruistic surrender and denial, and feel good and superior for caring first about others rather than the future of our children?

This is pitiful and incredibly dangerous. Maybe a psychologist could figure out why our history has crippled our instinct for survival, but shame on us anyway. 

We don’t need leaders to tell us the truth about Iran; we are smart and can think for ourselves. So let’s say it loud and clear: Iran grows more dangerous by the day and we, at least, refuse to be silent! Listen to the candidates. Make this concern with Iran the overarching consideration when choosing the right candidate. It is actually an easy choice. We don’t even need to scrutinize destroyed emails and hidden speeches. Hillary is for the Iran Deal. She is proud of it and expresses support for Obama’s handling of Iran. Trump trashes the Iran Deal and vows to end it. This is reason enough for us as American Jews to choose Trump.


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