Israel is on fire


The Jewish National Fund asks everyone to turn attention to homes and forests that are in immediate danger across Israel. A series of wildfires are raging across Northern and Central Israel. Many homes have already been destroyed, families displaced, and more residents are being evacuated. Israel's firefighting capacity is being stressed to its limits. The threat is so great that the prime minister has put a request out to surrounding countries for assistance. Always underfunded, KKL's and Israel's Fire & Rescue Services need support now more than ever to replenish supplies and purchase firefighting and emergency equipment.

Paul Jeser sent an email to the Heritage with the photo seen here and stated, "What is going on in Israel right now is devastating in many ways. Heart breaking, infuriating... I have no hesitation in asking every Jew to plant at least one new tree in Israel to replace those destroyed by these arsonists."

A more detailed story about the fires is on website.


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