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Shimon Peres

We all mourn...

I received this during last month from the World Jewish Congress (WJC) digest and pass it along in part to you:

"World Jewish Congress president Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder remembered former Israeli president and prime minister Shimon Peres, who passed away on Sept. 28 at the age of 93, as 'one of the greatest human beings I have ever known, an astute statesman, a great intellectual and strategist, a seasoned diplomat and a peace-maker. He did Israel proud, and he made Jews in every corner of the world proud.'

(Count me in!)

Shimon Peres epitomized Israel's many achievements over the past seven decades. He embodied the Zionist dream and helped to build a free, secure and prosperous state in the ancient homeland of the Jewish people.

The fact that Israel has not just survived over the past 68 years, but thrived, was due in no small part to his enormous efforts. His life was dedicated to making the Zionist project a success. He didn't just talk about peace, he worked toward it so it could eventually become a reality. He understood that achieving peace is possible.

Shimon Peres also knew that Israel would not be saved by military force, by diplomacy or by economic strength alone, but only by the combination of all three. Whether it was finding weapons to defend the fledgling state in the 1950s, creating diplomatic alliances that were crucial to Israel's standing in the world or coming up with some of the most innovative technologies, he made it happen. His curiosity and interest in science, research and human development was evident even in his 90s. He often spoke about the latest advances in these fields and what they meant for Israel and the wider world."

And I continue to mourn...

Our Jewish community lost a precious soul, Millicent Chira, in the early hours of Thanksgiving Day.

Millie was a friend to me and several others for many, many decades. She was a vibrant, beautiful lady, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, who was a talented artist, poet and truly a wonderful friend. She will be missed by many.

I simply forgot...

There are so many dates we must remember... June 6th (D-Day), Dec. 7th (Pearl Harbor), Sept. 11th (The Twin Towers) and on and on.

One day I completely forgot about was Nov. 22nd, the day President JFK was shot and killed in Dallas. I really should have remembered as that was the day my daughter-in-law's beloved dad, Dr. Malcolm Perry, a surgeon at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, tried to save our president. He is also gone now, but that date should always be remembered.

A JCC Mensch...

I received the following in an email about LINH NGUYEN:

"Our newest Mensch of the Week is the embodiment of thoughtfulness and kindness. She reminds us that 'little things' really do mean a lot.

Last month RAISE employee KENYA MATTHEWS completed her job in the Fitness Center at The Roth Family JCC in Maitland. RAISE had a celebration to congratulate Kenya but it was Linh Nguyen's reaction to Kenya's departure that touched all of our hearts.

Linh is a frequent visitor to the fitness center and had come to know Kenya through her work there. When Linh learned that it was Kenya's last day on the job, she left the fitness center and drove to Publix, where she purchased flowers and candy for Kenya.

Thanks to Linh's touching expression of gratitude, Kenya completed her RAISE job experience on an emotional high note, leaving with the knowledge that she truly is appreciated and loved."

Shout out...

On the subject of gratitude, I am very grateful to CHELSEA HOSTETLER, a waitress at Perkins Restaurant, University Blvd, Winter Park.

Not only is she fast and efficient, she is sweet and kind and makes one feel like she is a family member or dear friend.

(Being a recent widow, sometimes I need to feel that warmth and caring. Thanks Chelsea!)

One for the road...

Mervyn and Kitty are sitting in an expensive kosher restaurant in New York, enjoying their latkes when Mervyn notices Kitty staring at a man at the next table. The man looks decidedly drunk, so Mervyn asks Kitty, "You've been watching that man for some time now. Do you know him?"

"Yes," she replies, "he's my ex-husband."

"Has he always been a heavy drinker?" Mervyn asks.

"No, not always," Kitty replies, "but he's been drinking like that ever since I left him six years ago."

"That's remarkable," says Mervyn, "I didn't think anybody could celebrate that long."

Linh Nguyne (l) and Kenya Matthews


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