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Sheila and Morris Rashy with dog

Chanukah is almost here!...

"Twas the night before Chanukah, boichiks and maidels,

Not a sound could be heard, not even the dreidels,

The menorah was set by the chimney alight,

In the kitchen, the Bubbe was hopping a bite,

Salami, Pastrami, a glaisele tay,

And zoyere pickles mit bagels... Oy Vay!

Gezint and geschmock the kinderlach felt,

While dreaming of taiglach and Chanukah gelt,

And Bubbe was carving a shtickele chicken,

A tummel arose, like the wildest K'duchas,

Santa had fallen right on his tuchas!

I put on my slippers, ains, tzvay, drei,

While Bubbe was eating herring on rye,

I grabbed for my bathrobe and buttoned my gottkes,

And Bubbe was just devouring the latkes,

To the window I ran, and to my surprise,

A little red yarmulke greeted my eyes,

When he got to the door and saw the menorah,

'Yiddish kinder,' he cried, 'Kenahorah!

I thought I was in a Goyishe hoise!

As long as I'm here I'll leave a few toys'

Come into the kitchen, I'll get you a dish,

Mit a gupel, a leffel, and a shtickele fish.

With smacks of delight he started his fressen,

Chopped liver, knaidlach, and kreplach gegessen,

Along with his meal he had a few schnapps,

When it came to eating, this boy sure was tops,

He asked for some knishes with pepper and salt,

But they were so hot he yelled out 'Gevalt!'

He loosened his hoysen and ran from the tish,

'Your koshereh meals are simply delish!'

As he went through the door he said 'See y'all later,

I'll be back next Pesach in time for the seder.'

So, hutzmir and zeitzmir and 'Bleibtz mir gezint.'

He called out cheerily into the wind.

More rapid than eagles, his prancers they came,

As he whistled and shouted and called them by name,

'Come Izzie, now Moishe, now Yossel and Sammy!

On Oyving, and Maxie, and Hymie and Manny!'

He gave a geshrai as he drove out of sight,

'A gut yontiff to all, and to all a good night!'"

(Happy Chanukah to all!)

A Jewish Pavilion Mensch...

Actually there are two and they are very special people! I'm referring to MORRIS and SHEILA RASHY. I received this email and, knowing what wonderful people they are, I am delighted to pass it along to you:

"Morris and Sheila Rashy have been bringing smiles, laughter, music and Jewish culture to the residents at Consulate Health in Altamonte Springs for eight years. They are superb Shabbat leaders and their musical talents enhance every visit. One of the residents waits by the door hours before their arrival. While he can no longer communicate with words, he expresses his joy throughout their visit. The Jewish Pavilion is grateful to the staff at Consulate Health who set a beautiful Shabbat table and provide challah and grape juice for the festivities. Holidays are shared with residents of all faiths."

Gems & Jeans?...

(Actually, since I lost so much weight, the only things that fit me are the jeans I bought recently... and yes, I wear them with gems!)

Actually, that is the title of the Jewish Pavilion Gala "Gems & Jeans 2017" being held on Sunday, January 8, 2017 at the Sheraton Orlando North hotel, 600 North Lake Destiny Drive in Maitland.

There will be hors d'oeuvres, gourmet dinner, live music, dancing and a silent auction.

And most exciting of all, two lovely ladies, RUTH DARVIN and GEANNE SHARE are acknowledged for providing exemplary volunteer assistance to the Jewish Pavilion.

For further information, phone the Jewish Pavilion at 407-678-9363.

A shout out...

Two of my sons, DAVID, a Naval officer and STEVEN, a psychologist, were in from Texas and Illinois, respectively, to visit with their old mom (me).

My third son, RON, was working in Colorado at the time.

Ruth Darvin

Anyway, Dave, Steve and I went for breakfast at the Bagel King Restaurant in Casselberry and were wonderfully taken care of by a lovely waitress named KAYLIN. The food there is always delicious but so was the service. Thank you Kaylin!

One for the road...

The night before their wedding, Alf and Bette were sharing confidences.

Alf said, "You must know something before we get married. I am a fanatic golfer. I eat, sleep and drink golf. Golf is my whole life. After we are married, I'll try for some balance but I doubt whether I'll succeed. Just understand - you're marrying a golf addict."

"I can live with that," said Bette, "now I'll tell you my secret-I'm a hooker."

"A hooker?" Alf repeated. "I can live with that. Next time, keep your head down and your left arm straight, then swing through the ball..."


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