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Doris Pines

Remembering Babi Yar...

I read this in the World Jewish Congress (WJC) digest. What a sad, inhuman reminder of another Nazi atrocity we must never forget! I pass it along to you in part.:

"On the 75th anniversary of the murder of more than 33,000 Jews at Babi Yar, WJC President Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder and other WJC leaders travelled to Ukraine to take part in commemorations of the atrocity committed by Nazi Germany on September 29-30, 1941, in Kyiv.

Speaking at a dinner event, Amb.Lauder said, 'Babi Yar is one of the most infamous pieces of ground in the entire world. Tens of thousands of our people were killed there for only one reason: because they were Jewish.'

Amb. Lauder went on to highlight the fact that Ukrainians had collaborated in the German effort to exterminate the Jews of Kyiv. 'While Babi Yar was organized by the Nazis, there were willing helpers in the Ukrainian militia. This happened all across Europe. In almost every occupied country, local people helped the Germans round up their Jews.' However, Lauder praised those Ukrainians who resisted the Nazi regime and sheltered Jews.

WJC CEO Robert Singer addressed the official memorial commemoration. 'Babi Yar,' he said, 'was not the only killing field left by the Einsatzgruppen, the SS killing squads responsible for the quick and efficient killing of all Jews. Nearby at Kamyanets-Podilsky, 23,600 Jews were murdered. At Nikolayev near Odessa, over 22,000 Jews were slaughtered. The Nazis left killing fields all over Europe.' He continued, 'Too many of those who did not help the Nazis conveniently looked the other way. Too many ordinary people watched as their Jewish neighbors were taken away and pretended they didn't see. Since WWII, Germany has taken responsibility for its crimes. It is long past time that all countries involved, not just Ukraine, take responsibility for their actions during that dark time.'"

(Although my mother was born in Montreal, Canada, her parents and siblings were born in Kyiv (Kiev) and fled from Ukraine. Thankfully they were not there during WWII or I wouldn't be here!)

Well-deserved raves...

Our own super-talented CAROL STEIN, pianist/vocalist and international entertainer, was written about in the "Orlando Weekly" recently. They also featured a large photo of her.

(Not surprising! They were well-deserved raves!)

Calendar Girl...

Of course, I'm referring to DORIS PINES who is featured in her own fabulous calendar year after year.

Previously, all her calendars were very provocative, extremely funny and sometimes even sexy! Not this year, however.

Her newest calendar for the year 2017 is a reflection of times that were when Doris (and I) were kids and teens. Of course, we were still adorable (oh shut up!) and classy and even skinny. (I repeat... shut up!)

Faith and Jazz...

(Two words that don't seem to go together) but that is the official name of "The Faith & Jazz Big Band" that will be performing at the next Congregation Ohev Shalom Seniors meeting, on Sunday, Jan. 8. at 2 p.m.

The Faith & Jazz Big Band is a 17 piece jazz band that performs traditional swing and big band music including hits from Count Basie, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin.

The big band and combo have been performing under the direction of trombonist Andrea Rowlison for over 15 years in Central Florida. They have a fabulous vocalist that does a great Frank Sinatra!

The cost is still only $5, COS Senior members; $8, for all others. No reservations are necessary.

And of course there will be refreshments served after the performance.

Congregation Ohev Shalom is located at 613 Concourse Parkway South in Maitland. The phone number is 407-298-4650.

For further information, call President Berny at 407-767-6763.

(Hope to see you there... but don't eat my favorite cookies!)

And speaking of eating...

The Faith & Jazz Big Band

There will be a Chanukah Shabbat Dinner on Friday night, Dec. 30, at Chabad of Greater Orlando, 708 Lake Howell Road. Reservations are required at .

One for the road...

Freda says to her daughter, "Ever since I reached 65, Lisa, I'd been feeling that my body had gotten totally out of shape. So I made a big decision. I went to my doctor and got his OK to start doing some exercise. And yesterday I went to LA Fitness and booked into their aerobics class for seniors."

"That was brave of you, mom, so how did you do?" asks Lisa.

"Well, for 30 minutes I sweated by bending, twisting, pulling, pushing and hopping up and down. But then, by the time I got my leotards on, the class was over."


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