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JCC Association of North America is applauding the staffs of Jewish (Jan. 9) community centers around the country and expressing gratitude for local law enforcement after JCCs in several states received bomb threats today. David Posner, director of strategic performance at JCC Association of North America, who works closely with local JCCs on security, issued the below statement.

“JCC Association thanks federal and local law enforcement for their quick and thorough response today, said David Posner, director of strategic performance at JCC Association of North America. “JCCs continue to work with them, as they do all year long, to ensure the continued safety of JCC members and all those who participate in JCC activities, as well as the safety of JCC buildings. As of 4:30 p.m. today, local authorities’ investigations in areas impacted have resulted in the all-clear, with most of our JCC’s resuming regular operations. We are hopeful that all of the JCCs in our vibrant network across the country will resume regular operations by the end of the day.

“We are proud of our JCCs and grateful for their professional staff, who in the face of threatened violence today, responded quickly, calmly and professionally by implementing well-practiced evacuation procedures and ensuring that no one was harmed.

“Our first priority is safety. JCC Association’s role is to support all Jewish community centers and their members across the continent, as together, we ensure that JCCs remain inclusive, engaging community gathering places and safe spaces.”

JCC Association has a partnership with the Secure Community Network, which focuses on security for Jewish institutions throughout North America, and has an ongoing relationship with the Department of Homeland Security. The agencies are working together to determine the source of the calls that 15 JCCs received today.


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