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What does it mean to be an IDF soldier?


Orlando CTeen club discusses the importance of supporting the IDF. 

Teenagers are into Ipods, Ipads, and Iphones, but they don't often stop to think about the IDF. This week, the Chabad centers of North and South Orlando joined to present an evening for teenagers on just that topic.

The evening began with a conversation that got the teens thinking about what it means to be a soldier. Rabbi Zibell, the leader of the South Orlando CTeen chapter related, "the teens thought of soldiers as serious, mature men and women around 25 or 26 years old. It blew their mind when I explained that many of the soldiers are 18 or 19, just a few years older than many of the teens present."

The purpose of the evening was to educate teenagers as to what our soldiers in Israel do, and how they risk their lives every day to protect our homeland and our people. It instilled within them a feeling of gratitude toward the Israeli soldiers as well as a feeling of connection and bonding.

The teens were asked to write a letter to soldiers in the IDF thanking them for their service, and then watched a powerful video, which documented the transformation of five Israeli teenagers into soldiers.

Annabel Granger, a teen from North Orlando, "learned that being in the IDF is much more than just protecting Israel. It is about showing bravery and passion for our homeland."

The evening was deep and meaningful. Rabbi Konikov, the director of all operations at Chabad of South Orlando checked in during the event. He commented, "it was so nice to see teens coming together to show support for Israeli soldiers, especially in light of the recent heart breaking attack in Israel. The Chabad philosophy is to constantly add light to eliminate darkness, and having our teenagers write letters to soldiers in Israel, and teaching them the importance of supporting the IDF definitely generated more light and love in the world."

CTeen is an open Jewish teen group, and if parents would like to find out more information about CTeen's programs, they can contact Rabbi Zibell at Cteen@Jewishorlando.com.


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