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Elie Wiesel

I am conflicted...

The following comes from Rabbi ALAN LURIE, author of "Five Minutes on Mondays: Finding Unexpected Purpose, Peace and Fulfillment at Work.":

"Rabbis hear variations on the following questions: 'How can anyone believe in God after the Holocaust? ' (This is a question I often ask myself.)

"How can a supposedly loving God stand back and let such a horrible thing happen? The purpose of creation, then, is to be in a loving relationship with its Creator.

In order to have a true relationship, though, there must be absolute free will, because a programmed or coerced being cannot experience true love. Free will, then, is a universal constant, built in to the fabric of creation like gravity and the speed of light. Free will to choose love means that there must be the possibility to choose not-love-to choose indifference and hatred.

God does know the choices that we will make because our consciousness is in constant connection to God, and for God, time is not a limitation, so our future choices are not hidden. Yet God deliberately does not interfere-not out of indifference, but out of great love. God must 'watch' in pain as we commit atrocities, because to interfere would negate free will, terminating the relationship and hence the very purpose of creation. This is the reconciliation of Rabbi Akiva's famous paradox, 'All is foreseen, yet free will is given.'

Where was God in the Holocaust? As God knew the terrible choices made by too many, and wept at the horrific consequences, those who chose love and service in the face of this horror were strengthened and consoled. Good eventually did win over evil, by our own hands.

We can be mad at God for the Holocaust or for other human tragedies, but this is like a teenager who begs you to let him drive a car-promising to be responsible-gets drunk, crashes in to a telephone pole, and then blames you for giving him the keys. If we agree that humanity must have free will, we must accept the consequences of its decisions. As ELIE WIESEL wrote, 'After the Holocaust I did not loose faith in God. I lost faith in Mankind.'"

(I am still struggling with this explanation and still asking myself where was God?)

Seniors on the go...

One of the best things you can do for yourself when you are a senior is to surround yourself with friends, go places and do things to keep your life interesting and fulfilling.

The Roth Family Jewish Community Center of Greater Orlando has programs for seniors that do just that! They are known as the 39ers. (Just like Jack Benny!)

On Feb. 16th, the program at the Rosen JCC on Apopka-Vineland, will be titled "I Love New York." (And I do, 'cause that's where I'm from!) Our JCC 39ers are invited to a road trip there for a fun time. An afternoon of entertainment is planned. There is no charge for 39ers. Bus transportation is provided. Contact 39ers co-president, LILLIAN BERKOWITZ, to sign up for the bus list. The JCC phone number is 407-645-5933.

What a doll!...

Meet GLIMA ALLEN, daughter of GABRIEL and AMY ALLEN, and little sister of big brother, OMRI, almost age 7.

Glima is 4 months old and is the loving granddaughter of our own CHRIS DeSOUZA, Heritage News Editor.

Gazing at her adorable photo, I think Glima looks like a future Disney Princess. However her doting grandma, Chris, says "She is the future Harriett Lake when it comes to style!" (See Harriett's photo-well, you can't find a more beautiful human being than Harriett Lake, both inside and out!)

Help! I need a dishwasher!...

BRIAN FELDMAN's first-ever job was as an actor with Orlando Shakespeare Theater. His second? Dishwasher at a fast-food restaurant chain in Winter Springs.

This February, in advance of the 26th anniversary of his professional acting debut and a major new project happening in Orlando in March 2017, award-winning performance artist Brian Feldman brings his one-of-a-kind "Dishwasher" performance back to Orange County-taking place in your home!

At a mutually agreed upon time, Brian will go your home (Must be in Orange County, Fla.) and hand wash the dirty dishes in your kitchen sink using the hottest water he can endure. Once completed, you will hand him a monologue of your choosing which he will cold read on the spot. Finally, Brian will ask you a simple question: "Am I a better actor or dishwasher?" After receiving your answer, he will depart your home, posting the verdict on social media.

Only 28 tickets are available for the Orange County tour of "Dishwasher" (one per day).

When: Feb. 1 - 28, 2017 (28 shows only)

Showtime is negotiable. One performance per day at a time mutually agreed upon between Brian Feldman and the ticket buyer. Showtime listed on the ticketing page is to indicate date only. Performance is not confirmed until you arrange your actual showtime with Brian Feldman, who will contact you directly via email (or text, if purchased day of show) to discuss possible showtime, following your ticket purchase. (Online sales end daily at 11:00 PM. If no ticket is purchased by that time, there is no "Dishwasher" that day.)

Where: Your Home (Must be in Orange County, Fla.)

Tickets: $10 per attendee ($50 minimum)

Glima Allen

Available at brianfeldman.com There is no discounted rate if there are less than 5 attendees. If there are more than 5 attendees, each additional attendee costs $10 (payable by cash or check at event's conclusion). "Dishwasher" has been performed for audiences of 1-30+. (Read the reviews at brianfeldman.com to decide for yourself if this is a good deal.)

(I hate washing dishes. I think it's a great idea! By the way, does Brian do windows?)

One for the road...

**STOP PRESS: It's true - a recent survey says that men who help out with the dusting are better in bed. It seems that 9 out of 10 women who received two or more hours of assistance per week from their partners said that they enjoyed very good sex lives. 

This should lead men to ask the question, "Where can I enroll in an advanced course on house cleaning skills?"


(I suggest they call Brian!)


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