We need more Jews for Judaism


Dear Editor:

I was delighted to learn that West Volusia County and the National Jewish Outreach Program rediscovered the fourth of the Ten Commandments. Now, let us remind the Jewish women who marched on Shabbat in Washington, D.C., holding up signs identifying them and their concern for “justice.” Were they concerned about the injustice experienced by our children and grandchildren through anti-Semitism and intimidation of their right to free speech in colleges all over this country?

Our pro-Israel Christian friends help us in recognizing the injustice (their word) of not moving our American Embassy to the capital of Israel in Jerusalem, while Jewish ex-State Department “gangs” undermine such a move.

Muslim students in many colleges provoke not only anti-Jewish and anti-Israel agitation, but use jihadi rhetoric for the establishment of sharia law and mass murder of infidels with impunity. Local mosques welcomed a Syrian Imam who called for martyrs to kill Jewish and gays.

We need to actively encourage the brave Muslim reformers of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and stop worrying about “Islamophobia,” which is directed only against the organized followers of the Muslim Brotherhood and their ilk.

Insulting our new president for alleged affinity for dictatorship is ludicrous. Perhaps few remember that our former president early in his tenure planned to establish his own national police force. He did not specify whether they would wear black or brown shirts—but had this plan materialized, Mr. Obama would now be in his third term without the inconvenience of a democratic election.

What we need is more Jews for Judaism with love for the United States of America and devotion also for the Jewish democracy in the Middle East.

David Danziger

Winter Park


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