The 'full' Passover experience


Yaakov (Dry Bones) Kirschen and his frogs.

The secret truth is that for many people, the reading of the Haggadah can be a boring and tiresome experience. A typical response is to either skip pages or to buy a "shortened" Haggadah, which deletes material so as to make the Seder less "painfully long."

In contrast, the Dry Bones Passover Haggadah takes a completely opposite approach to solving the problem. It expands the Haggadah with colorful and funny cartoons framing every one of its 104 pages. The resulting Dry Bones Passover Seder experience is more than "full"; it's a fun, fresh, and enjoyable experience for all your guests. The Haggadah's Dry Bones cartoons speak directly to each of the Seder participants. Grumpy grandparents and bored kids are equally entertained. Dry Bones cartoon characters comment on the shared Seder event and on the text being read aloud. This unique Haggadah provides the full and complete Hebrew text along with Dry Bones's own accurate line-by-line English translation of the Hebrew for ease in keeping Hebrew readers and English readers together. This Haggadah also gives detailed instructions in Hebrew and English along with translations and transliterations of all blessings.

The Dry Bones "Plague of Frogs" activity workbook is a companion piece to the Dry Bones Haggadah. Beyond origami, with this activity book your Seder table will spring to life with a hustling "plague" of colorful frogs, which you've built yourself or with your kids.

Explaining the origin of this new Passover treat, Kirschen says, "Whenever I think of the plague of frogs, I imagine the land of Egypt being overrun with hundreds of different types of frogs. In my mind I picture frogs from all over the world, pouring into Pharaoh's kingdom in huge colorful, swarming crowds. It was this vision that gave birth to this book and to its selection of frogs from around the world."

Together, the cartoons of the Dry Bones Haggadah and the tabletop plague of frogs combine to make a very special and meaningful experience for adults and children. Together they will make this truly "a night different from all other nights."

The Dry Bones Haggadah and the Plague of Frogs are both available through Amazon.


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