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April 28, 2017

Shown here (l-r): Faith Parmet, Dorothy (guest of honor) and Judy Appleton.

Oy vay department!...

I watched an entire four hours of Nazi stories on television the other day. So much of it reminded me of Twitler... oops, I meant Hitler.

Anti-Semitism all over again?...

I received a letter from Rabbi MARVIN HIER, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and pass it along in part:

"When I delivered an invocation at the presidential inauguration, I hoped to do my share to help begin to unite a divided country. Afterwards, people of all origins, faiths and backgrounds approached me to offer their thanks for the affirmation of our shared values of freedom and democracy. Unfortunately, there were other voices that came directly into our nation's computers and iPhones. Hundreds of vile anti-Semitic messages, Nazi-era caricatures and hate speech flooded social media and the internet, even as I was still speaking.

"I know that you, like me, are deeply concerned about the global surge in vicious anti-Semitism, from murderous attacks on Israeli men, women and children, to a rash of bomb threats on American synagogues and Jewish community centers, virulent anti-Israel campus and church-based campaigns, and more. Since the UN Security Council's dangerous vote in favor of a one-sided anti-Israel resolution (and the United States' reckless abstention) Center leaders have been actively defending Israel, and sharing the Jewish peoples' long and storied history in the Holy Land, and in capitals on three continents. You recognize, of course, that the outrageous resolution actually said, in effect, that the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem's Old City stand on stolen Palestinian land. It identifies peaceful Jewish communities in Jerusalem and on the West Bank as the impediment to peace, while omitting any condemnation of Hamas terrorism and the anti-Semitic brainwashing of Palestinian children.

"The Simon Wiesenthal Center has led the way in this important fight, collecting thousands of petitions to the new UN Secretary General ANTONIO GUTERRES, welcoming him to his position and urging him to instruct the UN's agencies to stop demonizing the Jewish State and its people and denying the foundations of Judaism and Jewish history."

(My spouse and I once visited Israel and were so taken with its beauty and history. I hope to go again one day.)

I received a phone call...

It was from a lovely lady named BARBARA SNYDER. She wanted me to pass this info on to you:

"Is Jewish Broadcasting Service (JBSTV) available amongst your scheduled Cable TV programming channels? JBSTV runs 24/7, it's free, with dedicated programming related to national and international Jewish news, adult and children's studies series, intellectual, educational, and religious programming. For those unable to attend synagogue in person, live Friday night services from Central Synagogue in New York is available and on major holidays. Look at www.jbstv.org, to see in depth programming titles and descriptions. If your local TV Cable provider does not offer JBSTV, call Customer Service and request JBSTV be programmed into your local TV cable service area.  Religious Discrimination is Unacceptable. If JBSTV is coming into your home, please ask your friends to follow your lead. There is strength in numbers. Let's bring JBSTV into our homes, to our families, to our brothers and sisters in hospice care, long-term care, nursing homes and those infirmed. Let's work together. One phone call can make change happen and be life altering. I strongly believe we must encourage, provide and nourish our Jewish population for Judaism to remain strong."

(If you need further information, you can contact Barbara yourself at 407-788-2055 or .)

A Jewish Pavilion Mensch...

How about two mensches this time, JEFF GAESER and CHRIS DESOUZA, my publisher and news editor? Here is the email:

"Having a guest at the seder table is an important part of our tradition. Thanks to Jeff Gaeser and Chris DeSouza of the Heritage Jewish News, the Jewish Pavilion was excited to have a special guest at their seder.

Dorothy had nowhere to go for seder until she read in the Heritage that the Jewish Pavilion was conducting a seder close to her home at the Winter Park Care and Rehab.

She joined the residents in the recitation of the Haggadah and enjoyed all the traditional foods associated with the holiday. When the seder ended, the Jewish Pavilion staff had the opportunity to speak with Dorothy and thank her for coming.

It is customary to invite guests to the seder, especially strangers and the needy. All of these customs were fulfilled."

From Mensch to Music...

On Sunday, April 30th, MARK McKEE brings his musical talents to the Altamonte Chapel, beginning at 12:30 p.m. With Mark will be BEN KRAMER on bass and MICHAEL WELCH on drums. Our own ALAN ROCK is emcee.

The Altamonte Chapel is located at 825 E. SR 436, Altamonte Springs. The phone number is 407-339-5208.


If you ever find yourself in the Walgreens Drugstore on Aloma Avenue (corner of Lakemont) in Winter Park, ask for staff member ANDY ANTONETTI. He is simply the best, smartest and very kind (and also good looking!)

One for the road...

As Leah is visiting her late father's grave in the cemetery, she passes close by a woman who is sobbing and wailing at another grave. Leah can easily hear that the woman is saying, "Oh why, oh why did you die? Why did you have to die?" This question is repeated many times. 

After paying her respects to her father, Leah is leaving the cemetery when she again passes the sobbing woman. She is still wailing, "Why, oh why did you have to die?" 

Leah feels pity for this woman and walks over to try to comfort her. "Pardon me, I hope you don't mind me coming over, but I heard your cries of pain and anguish. I assume the deceased was a relative of yours?" "No she's not," says the other woman, "in fact I never met her before." "Then why are you so sad?" asks Leah. "Who was she? Who is buried at this grave?" 

"My husband's first wife," replies the woman.


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