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Eliscu's newest book published


Andrea Eliscu

ORLANDO-Medical marketing specialist and author Andrea T. Eliscu, BS, RN, just released "It's Personal: The Art of Building Your Practice," her latest book on how to successfully market medical practices and healthcare organizations. Published by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), the book explores how in an increasingly digital world, developing and nurturing personal relationships with patients, referring physicians, staff, and the community can help medical practices and organizations grow and differentiate. 

"It's Personal: The Art of Building Your Practice" shares strategies, examples and case studies from Eliscu's work with medical practices across the country in an effort to help physicians and healthcare administrators tackle current market challenges. Eliscu addresses the need to spark connections, share unique stories, engage patients, deliver memorable experiences, and strengthen service and satisfaction to achieve market leadership. She also discusses how to harness the power of social media by cultivating loyal ambassadors who share their positive experiences and expand "world of mouth."

"Healthcare has evolved from a physician-directed model to a patient-driven one," explained Eliscu. "So practicing medicine today means viewing a patient not just as someone who is ill and needs your help, but a consumer making a purchasing decision-that decision just happens to be related to the health and well-being of themselves or a loved one. And as the most successful businesses in other industries already know, strengthening relationships with your customers should always be your number one priority."

Linda Zinkovich, chief operating officer for Orlando Health Physician Associates, one of the largest multi-specialty healthcare groups in Central Florida, agreed. "In 'It's Personal: The Art of Building Your Practice,' Andrea demonstrates that it's the unexpected-the little things, done right every day-that can make the biggest difference in growing your practice," she said.

" It's Personal: The Art of Building your Practice," is available online at the MGMA store: http://www.mgma.com/store/books/printed/its-personal-the-art-of-building-your-practice.

Andrea Eliscu, BS, RN, serves as president of Medical Marketing Inc., a healthcare marketing and public relations firm she co-founded in 1984. In this role, she provides leadership and guidance to clients throughout the country and also serves as a resource to industry trade organizations and media on healthcare-related issues. Eliscu has authored four books-the recently released "It's Personal: The Art of Building your Practice" as well as "A+ Marketing: Proven Tactics for Success," "Ready-Set-Market!" and "Position for Success! Strategic Marketing for Group Practices," all published by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).


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