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Giving is receiving!


How often do you "give" to another person without expecting anything in return? And, how do you feel when you give freely and with an open heart?  

When you give... You receive!

It's quite simple.

Whether you give monetarily, physically or emotionally, you are feeling the "good vibrations" of your actions.  Try your best to give something to everyone you meet as you go about your day. It could be a smile, a compliment, food, money, or some simple gesture or loving act of kindness.

The Jewish Pavilion is an organization that gives!

Staff and volunteers give to the elders in our community. We do not ask anything of them in return. It is an honor and a privilege to serve them and to be of service to them. We give them our time, resources, gifts and much more.  

If you would like to give to the Jewish Pavilion (personally, physically or monetarily) so that we may give to the elders, please contact our office We welcome your gifts.

"No one has ever become poor by giving."

-Anne Frank


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