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Angel, the Sheltie

This Tibetan proverb should be shared...

"The secret to living well and longer is:

Eat half, Walk double, Laugh triple and love without measure."

This was told to me by my friend ELIZABETH TAYLOR. (No. Not the famous actress! Rather a friend from my Grief Support Group with the same name and who is also a beautiful woman.)

Here we go again...

I read this disturbing report in last month's World Jewish Congress (WJC) digest and, in part, pass it along:

"The latest report on anti-Semitism in Britain compiled by the Community Security Trust (CST) registered a record level of anti-Semitism in the country. According to the CST, a charity that monitored anti-Semitism and provided security for the UK Jewish community since 1984, 1,309 anti-Jewish incidents were recorded nationwide during 2016, up 36 percent from the 960 incidents reported in the previous year.

The report cites no single explanation for the high number of anti-Semitic incidents in 2016, which were spread uniformly throughout the year. Rather than being caused by a specific, sudden 'trigger event,' as has been the case with record totals in the past, it appears that the record-high 2016 figure may be due to the cumulative effect of a series of events and factors that, taken together, created an atmosphere in which more anti-Semitic incidents are occurring, and are also more likely to be reported. These factors include high-profile allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party; a perceived increase in racism and xenophobia following the EU referendum, including an increase in recorded racial and religious hate crimes; and ongoing, high-profile discussions of anti-Semitism, racism and hate crimes in mainstream media, politics and on social media throughout the year."

A dog's purpose...

It is no secret that I love dogs! They are so wonderful, loyal and unconditionally loving. And, in some ways they are smarter than humans.

This special dog is a member of my Grief Group. She comes weekly with her 'Mommy and Daddy', JERRY and JEANNE LUTZ, who are special and very caring people. Her name is Angel (and that she is!) Angel, a Sheltie, is a member of Vitas Paw Pals, making the lives of all the folks she encounters better.

This is Angel's story: She was rescued in 2012. She likes tummy rubbing, walks and traveling. (So far, she has more than 60,000 miles to her credit by flying back and forth to her other home in Alaska. She dislikes (like most dogs... and me) thunder and loud noises. She is a member of Vitas Paw Pals since November 16, 2012. When asked about her biography, she said "I was a mess: hungry, homeless and lost in Alaska. God sent me to a house where a man chased me away. His missionary wife befriended me with baloney. Mommy and Daddy made me what I am today. I will leave paw prints in your heart. Dad and I wrote '2nd Chance,' my life story."

(Yes, Angel actually told me all this! And, yes, she has left paw prints on my heart!)

If you have a dog who wants to volunteer for Vitas Paw Pals, phone 407-875-0028.

A Jewish Pavilion Mensch...

I received this email from the Jewish Pavilion:

"Mazel tov to JULIUS ROSEN, age 101, who received his graduation certificate for Yiddish 101 at his final class taught by JOAN POHL at Brookdale Island Lake. Younger classmates in their late 80s to mid 90s also received graduation certificates from the Jewish Pavilion. The festivities included the sharing of personal stories in Yiddish, dancing, singing snacks, and laughter galore. Special thanks to Joan Pohl who taught Yiddish at Brookdale Island Lake, as a Jewish Pavilion volunteer, for the past five years. Several of her devoted students have volunteered to teach future classes. Joan will continue to teach at Congregation Ohev Shalom and Oakmonte Village. Classes are free and open to the entire community.

A special treat at the 39ers...

At a recent JCC 39ers Monday meeting, the fabulous entertainers-pianist, JERRY BRUNO and vocalist, CHARLIE RUSSO JR.-performed to the delight of the members. The songs they chose were the great ones and they sure did them justice! (No rap. No crap.)

Jerry is one of the best pianists in town and Charlie is a superb vocalist. WHAT A TREAT!

(They even called me up to sing a song with them. I was honored!)

And speaking of the JCC 39ers...

They are having a "Terrific Thursday" on June 8th. They are asking that everyone bring their own lunch for an interactive "Say it your way" discussion at 12:30 p.m., followed by Conversational Yiddish at 1 p.m.

"We don't want to grow up..."

On Tuesday, June 6, 8 p.m. at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts comes a wonderful musical, "Finding Neverland."

This charming account of a period in the life of author J.M. Barrie reveals the real relationships and events that served as the basis for the author's most iconic work, "Peter Pan." After Barrie develops a platonic relationship with the widowed Sylvia and her four sons, he is inspired to write a play about a group of children who don't want to grow up. The work proves a hit and winds up bringing Barrie and the children together in a way he had never expected.

This show is just too wonderful to miss. Take the children!

One for the road...

Christine and Daniel fall in love and decide to get married-but only on condition that Christine becomes Jewish. So she goes to see Rabbi Levy for some advice. 

Julius Rosen

Rabbi Levy tells her, "You will have to learn how to keep a kosher home, light shabbos candles, keep two sets of crockery and a few other simple things." 

"That sounds easy to me, rabbi," says Christine, "I can easily do that." 

Then Rabbi Levy says, "The last thing is, you must go to a mikva." 

"A mikva?" says Christine. "What's that?" 

"It's a pool of water," answers Rabbi Levy, "and you must immerse yourself completely for a few seconds." 

"I'm sorry, rabbi, but I have a phobia about putting my head underwater. I'll go into the water up to my chin but I won't put my head under the water. Will that be OK?" 

"I suppose it will do," replies Rabbi Levy, "you'll be mostly Jewish but you will still have a 'Goyisha kop'."


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