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Professor Yosef Yarden

About cancer...

I have written often about Israel's cancer cure breakthroughs. Here is another. I received this letter from the Weizmann Institute of Science and pass it on in part to you:

"Each year, millions of lives are changed by a cancer diagnosis. Chances are this disease has dramatically affected you or someone you love.

Since the past month of May was recognized as 'National Cancer Research Month,' we're pleased to share just a few of the highly promising cancer projects taking place right now at the Weizmann Institute of Science, while also featuring the creative and determined scientists driving these discoveries forward. There is now a revolutionary treatment for early-stage prostate cancer that is fast, safe, and virtually side-effect free... and researchers are also bringing their expertise to the problem of ovarian cancer... a notoriously difficult cancer to identify, diagnose and treat.

Still on the subject of cancer research...

"Prof. YOSEF YARDEN, a member of the Weizmann Institute's Department of Biological Regulation, has been awarded the 2017 Israel Prize in Life Sciences. The prize, which is the country's highest honor, was presented to Prof. Yarden on Israel Independence Day. 'Prof. Yosef Yarden is among the most important cancer researchers in the world,' the prize committee wrote of its decision.

Over the course of his career, Prof. Yarden has made a significant and original contribution to our understanding of cancer, and has paved the way for new treatment protocols that have entered into clinical practice and saved lives. Focusing on the activity of hormone-like molecules called growth factors, Prof. Yarden's discoveries have led to the development of several successful anti-cancer drugs.

Mazel Tov Department...

JEFF UNGER, of The Weber High School in Atlanta, a Jewish High School, was named coach of the year by the athletic department for 2016-2017.

Jeff, originally from Winter Park High School and the son of SONJA MARCHESANO, has been the golf coach for the past four years at Weber.  

Jeff built a team starting with only four players to a program consisting of a team of 12 and he also raised money to build an on-campus practice facility.  

The team has made it to the state finals in the Georgia High School Association three out of the past fours years.

(I remember Jeff from the time he was very young. He and his brother, LARRY, always impressed me with their "smarts" and personalities. I'm not surprised Jeff received this honor. I know his mom is very proud. I am too!)

Speaking of being proud...

I recently met one of the nicest, sweetest, lovely and most gracious ladies when I joined the Boa Belles chapter of the Red Hat Society. Her name is JANNY YAPO.

Janny is the appointed queen of the Boa Belles (and will hopefully remain so until she decides to pass it on to someone else.)

Married for 49 years to ROBERT YAPO, Janny and her spouse reside in Lake Mary. They are the parents of DAVID (JILL), JON and KARYN (ERIC), and the grandparents of JACOB, 4, and HAILEY, 8 months. Janny is an awfully busy gal and enjoys her life! She especially loves babysitting 2 ½ days each week for her baby granddaughter. (She says her only payment is that she "enjoys every minute of it.")

Janny also loves to travel, especially cruising. Born in Winnipeg, Canada, she then moved to Minneapolis and then to Saginaw, Michigan, before moving to Florida. Her husband, Robert, is a retired teacher from Seminole County schools.

Janny loves playing Mahjong and especially cooking and baking. (All three things I don't know how to do!!!!)

Janny says she is lucky to have "wonderful family and friends."

(We are lucky to have you too, Janny.)

More mazel tovs...

Our own KENNY LEE celebrated his birthday recently at the Jewish Community Center in Maitland, during the "Dazzling Diva" show. There were two big birthday cakes (and one small one. Nuff said!)

The drag show was entertaining as always and the gowns were sparkling and beautiful. (So were the entertainers. I can't handle competition!)

Outstanding at the show was AMANDA OHLSON, daughter of DIANA OHLSON, who performed as ELTON JOHN (looking like she came all the way from England to entertain for Kenny's birthday bash!)

It was a great afternoon!

Terrific Thursdays...

The JCC 39ers is presenting "I NEED IT!" directed by ANITA WEINTRAUB. It is a wonderful afternoon of fun with a game of dice. RSVP to Anita at 410-272-2140. The game takes place on Thursday, June 15th at 1:30 p.m. Plan to be there at the JCC in Maitland. You will enjoy!

One for the road...

Jeff Unger

Hyman and Isaac are discussing the problems in translating from one language to another. Hyman says, "Did you know, Isaac, that there are some English words and expressions that are very difficult to translate into Yiddish." 

"You surprise me," says Isaac, "can you give me an example?" 

"Well," replies Hyman, "I've always had difficulty in finding a Yiddish word that adequately covers the meaning of the English word 'disappointed.'" 

Isaac thinks for a while and says, "Mmm, I see what you mean, Hyman. Look, I'll tell you what I'll do. My mother speaks only Yiddish, so I'll ask her tonight how one says, 'disappointed' in Yiddish." 

That night, Isaac says to his mother, "Mom, I always come here for dinner on Friday nights. So how would you feel if I were to tell you that I won't be coming here next Friday?" 

Isaac mother replies, "Oy! Ich'll zein zayer disappointed."


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