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September 15, 2017

Prof. Varda Shoshan-Barmatz

I am so proud...

I really am very proud of all the strides in medicine made by scientists at Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev Center of Medical Innovation. That's why I write about it so often.

I know that (heaven forbid) if a loved one or I was diagnosed with an illness, I would probably turn to them or have them consulted in some way.

I received this information recently and pass it along to you:

There is an urgent need for new therapies to target challenging, difficult-to-treat cancers such as glioblastoma, the most common, but highly aggressive form of brain cancer. Glioblastoma has a particularly high mortality rate largely from the tumor's ability to resist treatment.

BGU's Prof. VARDA SHOSHAN-BARMATZ, a member of BGU's Department of Life Sciences, is exploring VDACI, a key protein in the metabolic adaptions during cancer development.

Using VDACI, Prof. Shoshan-Barmatz developed treatments that either kill cancer stem cells or lead to their reprogramming, reversing their properties to those of non-cancerous cells.

A cell undergoes changes and acquires several traits that mediate its transformation from normal to malignant. These acquired traits, often referred to as the 'hallmarks of cancer', enable the cell to thrive when under normal circumstances it would die.

In her research, Prof. Shoshan-Barmatz 'hijacks' two important hallmarks of cancer development and survival, turning them against cancer cells."

(I chose to write about her because cancer seems to be taking so many people in our lives, but other research at BGU is also making great strides. There is hope for new ALS treatment, Advances in Autism research, prevention of heart failure and even a possible cause and prevention of Alzheimer's.)

A truly happy time...

Four wonderful, beautiful children, COBY, RAFAELLA, LEVI and ORIT AGAMIE, came to Central Florida recently with their equally wonderful (and beautiful) parents, RONDA and BEN AGAMIE, from New York.

They were also accompanied by their loving "Bubbe" CAROL, and joined by their special aunt, ELANA, who flew in from Virginia.

They stayed at the Marriott Harbour Lakes near Walt Disney World, and had a magnificent time visiting the parks and also swimming in the two pools on the Marriott's spectacular grounds.

Of course, the highlight of the vacation, one would expect, would be Mickey Mouse, but these glorious kids were just as thrilled to be swimming!

(Who can blame them in this heat! Most of all, I was truly happy to see them as I'm their great aunt... and I'm GREAT!!!)

A television surprise...

While watching the news on television a few weeks ago, I saw a familiar face... a very special face that belongs to the super-talented pianist BOB GLICKMAN.

It was on ABC TV's local channel 9 and Bob was being interviewed about water prices.

(Tell em, Bob!)

Mazel tov department...

I received this letter from the Jewish Pavilion and pass it along to you in part:

"Signs of true love abounded at the remarkable nuptials of PENNY LINDER and BUDDY BACH, as the happy couple wed in the presence of more than 200.

"While the Jewish Pavilion can't take credit for the true love binding this beautiful couple, we CAN take credit for bringing them together for the very first time at a Jewish Pavilion Shabbat program."

(Sometimes I think about marrying again, now that I'm widowed for more than 2 years... but I don't want to become pregnant. Oh shut up!!!!)

Game Day Tuesdays...

On any Tuesday beginning at 1 p.m. one can find the Senior Lounge of The Roth Family JCC in Maitland filled with 39ers playing their favorite games... mahjong, dominoes, canasta, pinochle, bridge, etc.

If you would love to learn more about this, or information about the 39ers, phone the JCC at 407-645-5933.

All that jazz...

On Sunday, Sept. 24th, the Altamonte Chapel will have a great performance from 12:30-2:30 p.m. and only for a donation of $10.

For you jazz fans who love the history of great jazz, JOHN DePAOLA and DAVE MACKENZIE pay tribute to the Cannonball Adderley Quintet. "This is an encore performance from last year's great concert," according to our own ALAN ROCK, who is emcee.

Joining John and Dave will be CHRIS ROTTMAYER on piano, CHARLIE SILVA on bass and WALT HUBBARD on drums.

(This sounds spectacular and remember, if you are a musician, bring your axe and vocalists are also welcome to sit in second set.

The Altamonte Chapel is located at 825 East S.R. 436 in Altamonte Springs. The phone number is 407-339-5208.

One for the road...

Shown here (l-r): Coby, Rafaella, Orit and Levi Agamie.

It's Daniel and Rivkah's 50th wedding anniversary (mazel tov) and to celebrate, their son Aaron invites the close family to a Golden Wedding dinner at his house. During the evening, Aaron gets very emotional every time he hears his dad call his mom by such endearing terms as 'darling,' 'petal,' 'sweetheart' and 'my lover.' It's clear to Aaron that his parents are still very much in love. While Rivkah is out of the room, Aaron goes over to his father, kisses him and quietly says, "Dad, I'm so pleased for you both. I think it's fantastic that after 50 years you're still calling mom by those loving pet names." 

But Daniel, looking very embarrassed, says, "Things are not always what they seem to be, son. I must tell you the truth-I forgot your mother's name about 5 years ago."

(Oy vay... I keep forgetting my own name!)


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