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December 8, 2017

Jennifer Huppert

(I'm still upset about the Nazi march in Charlottesville some time ago. To think that our country's Commander in Chief said some of them were good people, makes me beyond angry!)

And speaking of Nazis...

I read this in the current issue of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) digest and pass it along to you. I know it is upsetting but we MUST be aware or another Holocaust could happen!:

"A small neo-Nazi group that bills itself as 'the Hitlers you've been waiting for' surreptitiously put up anti-Semitic posters at three different Melbourne, (Australia) schools, including one showing a foot with a swastika crushing a Jewish insect, and another of a grasping, hook-nosed Jew, a classic image in Nazi propaganda, alongside the words 'Multiculturalism, Degeneracy and Reject Jewish Poison.'

"The so-called Antipodean Resistance Group's posters sent shockwaves through the city's 60,000 Jews stirring up feelings of anger and fear.

'I am appalled. This form of hatred on our doorsteps, on the doorsteps of our schools is terrifying and is a direct attack on Victoria's prized multiculturalism,' said JENNIFER HUPPERT, the president of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria. 'To direct this at children is even more reprehensible. Unfortunately, domestic neo-Nazis and white supremacists appear to be emboldened by events overseas, (does she mean us?) and we must stop this hate speech in its tracks,' she said.

According to the Herald Sun newspaper, the posters contained messages such as 'Keep Australia White,' 'Stop the Hordes,' and 'Join your local Nazi group' as well as calling for legalizing the killing of Jews."

A night out at last!...

I heard from our own ROBBY ETZKIN, executive director of the Roth Family Jewish Community Center, and want to make sure that parents needing a "break" know about this:

On Saturday evening, Dec. 9th, between 5:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., will be "Saturday Night Out." Here are the details:

Ages 18 months-Grade 5. Send your kids to the JCC every second Saturday night of the month, while you enjoy a night on the town. The JCC will have activities, games, crafts, dinner, and a movie! New this year-Saturday Night Out is FREE for J University students.

The cost is as follows: $40 one child ($30 JCC members); $68 two children ($42 JCC members);$84 three +children ($54 JCC members. There is a "CRAZY, AWESOME SIBLING DISCOUNT "Second Child: 30% off

Third Child: 60% off. Email register@orlandojcc.org, call 407-621-4036, or visit the JCC's Registration Desk from Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. But Please don't wait until the last minute. They only accept registrations made at least 48 hours before a Saturday Night Out. Late registration is subject to availability & a $10 late fee. The JCC won't accept walk-ups.

(Wow! Where were you when my three sons were little?)

JCC 39ers Cinema Sundays...

On Dec. 10th, starting at 2 p.m. the movie "Mad Money" featuring Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton will play in the JCC Senior Lounge. Refreshments will be available.

(I'm mad about money. Maybe the film is about me?))

More 39ers...

On Meet and Mingle Monday, Dec. 11th (my eldest son's birthday) the video presentation "Broadway Volume 2" will be shown and, of course, there are always refreshments! (No calories. Billie and Lillian took them out!)

Shout outs...

I want management to know that CHAD AYCRIGG, who was our host, and RACHEL RITTER, our waitress, made sure that my friends and I were treated royally on our visit to The Outback Restaurant, Aloma Avenue, Winter Park. Everything was perfect! Chad and Rachel were perfect! We had a great time!!

Robby Etzkin

One for the road...

My friend heard this on her recent flight to Israel:

"Ladies, gentlemen and children. Sholem Aleichem to you all. This is your pilot, Captain Daniel Himmelfarb, speaking. On behalf of El Al airways, my crew and I welcome you on board this flight to Tel Aviv. We will do all we can, God willing, to make sure you have a great flight with us this afternoon. But if, God forbid, by some remote eventuality, we run into some trouble, please keep calm and don't panic. You'll find your life jacket under your seat and if you need to put it on, please wear it in the best of health. Thank you."

(I'm glad he wasn't my pilot when I flew to Israel!)


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