Multi-Faith Program at the Jewish Academy of Orlando


December 15, 2017

Students from the Jewish Academy of Orlando, Leadership Preparatory School and Geneva School met at the Jewish Academy for the first Multi-Faith Education Program of the year.

On Tuesday, Dec. 5, fifth-grade Jewish students from the Jewish Academy of Orlando got together with Muslim students from Leadership Preparatory School and Christian students from Geneva School for a morning of learning and sharing. The Multi-Faith Education Program began 14 years ago when its founder, Louise Franklin Sheehy, worked to foster a climate of peace among the children of the different Abrahamic faiths. This was the first meeting between the three schools that will take place this year. At each meeting, students and faculty will learn about each other's different faith traditions. At the Jewish Academy of Orlando, Head of School Alan Rusonik talked about the central role of Torah in Judaism and opened up the Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) for all the students to witness and behold. Additionally, the students learned a song of peace "Od Yavo Shalom Aleynu," which means "soon peace will come." Finally, the students from the Jewish Academy taught about the upcoming holiday of Chanukah, which ended in a lively and spirited game of Dreidel!

The students learned that ultimately, despite our different beliefs, customs and traditions, we all share the values of peace, love and mutual respect and we share a common desire to have peace in our world. At the Jewish Academy of Orlando, we believe that this is an important program to help promote peace, unity, love and understanding in our very complicated and fragmented world.

For more information about the Jewish Academy of Orlando or to arrange a visit to the school, please contact Amy Polacek, Admissions Coordinator, at or 407-647-0713.


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