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Action must be taken on gun control, NOW


Dear Editor:

After so many mass shootings in America, including our schools, why is there not action being taken in the area of gun control? The evidence shows that a reduction in guns reduces violence and gun deaths, not only in states with increased gun control, but also in other countries. When it comes to protecting our Constitution, we should know that the laws of our land require judges to balance our rights. Just as our first amendment rights are not unlimited, the second amendment right is not unlimited. What is so sacred about unlimited gun rights over protection of human lives, not limited to our college, high school, middle school, elementary school kids? What about protection of all human lives of all ages in shopping centers, movies, theatre, sports events, music concerts, etc.? 

Congress is constrained by lawmakers who do nothing but talk about improving background checks, but doing nothing or preventing the mentally ill from getting guns, when the opposite is done through an executive action early in the presidency to increase the right of the mentally ill to get guns. Instead of reducing the influx of access to guns in our country, Congress is now voting to reduce the gun control laws by allowing carrying concealed weapons across state lines promoting a vigilante type justice. Lawmakers funded by the NRA are compromised and not interested in saving lives.

Why is anyone not listening to the students who survived the Parkland High School mass shooting? They may be our only hope. Why should an 18-year-old be able to purchase a gun when there is no right to get alcohol at 18? Is a gun a lesser evil than alcohol? Why should an 18-year-old or anyone be able to get an AR-15 or guns used like assault weapons in recent mass shootings? If we do not change our way of thinking and status quo persists, what makes anyone think that the epidemic of mass shootings will stop? We need gun control laws like bans on assault weapons like AR-15, the age for gun purchases should start at age 21, etc. In addition, voters need to know who to vote for in the upcoming midterm elections so that lawmakers compromised and funded by the NRA do not continue to carry out the agendas that result in loss of so many precious human lives.

To the lawmakers who try to blame the FBI for not following up on the tip that the student wrote on social media that he wants to be professional shooter, yes, that should be investigated and never happen again. But, that does not shift the burden of responsibility. The burden of responsibility falls on the lawmakers and Congress to enact real gun-control laws because the rights of the gun owners should never outweigh the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. If our citizens of all ages, and students are in fear for our lives and safety in the most sacred environments—our schools, temples, churches, shopping malls, movie theatre, concerts, and in public arenas, how is our constitutional ideal and principles being upheld?

Simone Rosenberg



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