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March 30, 2018

Mark Spitz

South American Holocaust Museum...

I read this in the World Jewish Congress digest and pass it along to you in part:

"As reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, The Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires, Argentina, recently welcomed a record 17,727 visitors in one night, and then closed for a year and a half to undergo renovations.

Two days after setting its attendance record, the 17-year-old museum announced it will close for a $4 million building project that will add space for a permanent exhibit on Adolf Eichmann's life in Argentina after World War II. Also, a permanent exhibit will feature a trove of Nazi-era objects objects uncovered in June by the Argentine Federal Police and turned over to the museum for display. The objects include a bust relief of Adolf Hitler, medical devices marked with swastikas used to measure head and body size, Nazi puzzles for children, a magnifying glass attached to a photo of Hitler using that magnifying glass, and knives, among other objects."

(I'm feeling sick just writing about it.)

"Holocaust Museum President MARCELO MINDLIN noted that hosting this collection is a great responsibility. We will prepare our site to receive this contribution. There will be a lot of fanatics that will want to enter, there will be people trying to steal the objects,",he said, noting that 'huge security issues' must be worked out."

(Fanatics? Does he mean Nazi sympathizers?)

Remembering Jewish history...

Feb. 10, 1950, was the birthday of Jewish American swimmer and 11-time Olympic medalist, MARK SPITZ.

Mark Spitz won a then-world record-setting seven gold medals at the 1972 summer Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, where terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes. Spitz was stunned, saddened and deeply angered by the loss of the Israeli athletes. American security guards quickly formed a shield of protection around Spitz, fearful that the terrorists might also strike at him.

(I remember this on the news. Will anti-Semitism ever end? Actually, it seems to be coming back!)

Jewish Pavilion fashion...

"How do you memorialize a woman of grace, style, accomplishment, family, and love? With an amazing fashion show to benefit one of her favorite charities, of course!"

That's how the flyer introducing the upcoming Jewish Pavilion fashion show begins.

The Jewish Pavilion is so happy to help honor the memory of Elayne Burke Wershil at their annual fashion show at Bloomingdale's. This year's fashion show will be held on Thursday, April 12th at 10:45 a.m. It takes place at Bloomingdale's Orlando (the Mall at Millenia, Sutton Fashions-level 2)

Please join the Jewish Pavilion in honoring CARINA GERSCOVICH.

And what better way to remember a beautiful woman, than by recognizing another. We are proud to honor Carina Gersovich for her fine work with The Jewish Pavilion!

For further information, contact the Jewish Pavilion at 407-678-9363.

The Roth Family JCC...

Attention Jewish Academy: There will be a School Out Day on Friday, March 30th (today) from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Bring your children, grades K-5 to the JCC for a day of games, sports and more.


Spring Break Camp JAO from Monday, April 2 through Friday, April 6th. School will be closed but the JCC will be open.

There will be art, sports, science, field trips and more!

Contact ROBBY ETZKIN, executive director, at 407-645-5933 for further information.

(Sounds like fun! How about including senior citizens? Not that I am one!)

All that jazz...

On Friday, April 6th, musicians TERRY MYERS and JOHN ORSINI will perform at Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Avenue in Winter Park, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

(Two fabulous musicians. You can't go wrong!)

JCC 39ers Cinema Sundays...

On Sunday,April 8th in the Senior Lounge, the movie "Wonder Woman" starring Israeli actress, GAL GADOT will be shown, beginning at 2 p.m.

One for the road...

Gloria Newberger (l) and Elayne Burke Wershil

Rabbi Levy is addressing the 'Enlighten Your Daughter' meeting of the synagogue women's guild. "Ladies," he says, "I'm sure some of you know by now that the unfortunate Jonathan Bloom has been sent to prison for making love to his wife Sadie's dead body." 

A number of 'Oy Vays' are heard from the ladies present. 

"You might also be interested to know," the rabbi goes on to say, "that I spoke to Jonathan yesterday and I now firmly believe that his actions were entirely innocent and accidental. So although we are all feeling sorry for Jonathan, there is a lesson to be learned. Ladies, go back home to your daughters and tell them that when making love with a good Jewish husband, they should please make a little wiggle."


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