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Concerning Iran: America needs to 'do the right thing'


Dear Editor:

The American Jewish Congress is very concerned by the emerging allegations that Iran historically continued to expand its nuclear weapons program and may continue to do so, despite its claims otherwise.

We remain concerned that the Iranian regime is growing bolder and more dangerous, with catastrophic potential consequences for the region and the world.

While we opposed the Iran deal at the time, we were happy to be proven wrong, but there are now worrying signs that Iran has been less than honest with the international community regarding its nuclear program.

The 15-year period where the nuclear program can be resumed is fast approaching.

As President Trump said today, it is “not acceptable” that in seven years Iran would be free to pursue its nuclear program.

The allegations by Prime Minister Netanyahu show that President Trump may have been right regarding this horrible agreement.

As the expiry of the waiver on sanctions against the Iranian regime similarly draws near, the American Jewish Congress echoes Prime Minister Netanyahu in calling on President Trump to do the right thing for the US.

Jack Rosen


American Jewish Congress



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