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Mireille Knoll

Important to every Jew, every lover of Israel...

I received this letter from the World Jewish Congress. I pass it along (with my personal comments):

"Israel must continue to thrive, now and always.

As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the modern State of Israel, and marvel at its remarkable and inspiring achievements (in medicine, science, etc.), this is the solemn commitment that we embody in both our thoughts and our actions.

Israel is the only Jewish state. It is a refuge for Jews seeking a safe haven and a beacon of hope that connects Jews around the world to one another. And it is in the name of this unbreakable bond that we must continue to fight back against the forces of anti-Semitism and those who seek to delegitimize the State of Israel, now more than ever.

As an elderly Holocaust survivor is brutally murdered in her own home in France, as neo-Nazis march in the streets of Sweden and Bulgaria, as anti-Semitism reaches record levels in the UK and as member agencies at the United Nations continue to target Israel with biased and one-sided resolutions. Just as we have defeated our enemies throughout history to witness the miraculous rebirth of the State of Israel in our time, we will continue the fight against evil and hatred and bigotry.

And again we will win!"

(The Holocaust Survivor mentioned was Mirelle Knoll, She was found dead in her bed after neighbors called the fire department upon seeing smoke coming from her apartment. After an official inquiry, leaders of the Jewish community insisted that authorities treat the killing as an anti-Semitic hate crime.)

AARP fraud watch warnings...

AARP and the United States Postal Inspection Service are joining forces for Operation Protect Veterans, fighting back against fraudulent scam artists. As a military widow and a military mom, I feel obligated to pass them along:

1. VA Loan Scams-offers to refinance VA loans at extremely low rates.

2. Update your file scam-an imposter claiming to be from a government agency attempts to get a veteran's personal information to "update their file" so they can maintain their benefits.

3. Secret Veteran Benefits Scam-Veterans are told they qualify for "secret" government programs or benefits that offer thousands of dollars-but first, they attempt to collect personal information or a fee.

4. Pension poaching scam-Scammers often offer veterans lump sum payments up front, in exchange for signing over all their future monthly benefit checks.

5. Aid and attendance scam-Veterans (or their family members) receive an offer to move their assets into a living trust so that they can qualify for financial assisted-living benefits.

Jewish Pavilion Mensch...

Judy Appleton has been working as a program director for the Jewish Pavilion in the Winter Park, Oviedo and Winter Springs independent, assisted and skilled-nursing facilities for more than eight years. All of the senior communities she visits are "in her backyard" near her home, family and personal life. Her personal motto is "Making a Difference in the Lives of Others." Appleton adds: "My position as a program director with The Jewish Pavilion affords me the opportunity to live by my motto. Reaching out to Elders and bringing food, fun and fellowship to them... does make a difference in their lives."

When asked what she loves about what she does, Judy responded "Being able to connect with elders. Touching their minds and bodies."

Judy connects with the seniors on a personal level. She serves her neighbors and strangers alike in many ways. "Beyond the courtesy of opening/holding doors, financially supporting the local organizations to bringing the neighbors garbage cans up from the side of the road. There are countless ways that I spread good will."

(I remember Judy as a little girl. I was friendly with her parents Helen and Larry. Besides being one of the cutest little ones I ever met, Judy was the sweetest and kindest. It seems those qualities still remain.)

JCC39s Cinema Sundays...

On Sundays at 2 p.m., movies are shown in the Roth JCC, Maitland, Senior Lounge. Refreshments are also available. On June 10th the movie will be "Swing Time" starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

JCC39s Meet & Mingle Mondays...

On June 11th, Religion of Life will be presented by Rabbi KAPROW. The program is always followed by refreshments and social time.

Robby Etzkin knows what kids love...

Summer is here (well, its almost always here in Florida) and Robby says: "On Sunday, June 10th, from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Summer Sundays Pool Parties are back at the Roth Family Jewish Community Center in Maitland.

Come hang out with your friends, play games, have a bite and enjoy music around our beautiful pool."

Papa Johns Pizza is the sponsor.

RSVP to the Maitland JCC, 407-645-5933

Judy Appleton

One for the road...

Moshe is driving to downtown Orlando where he has an important meeting to attend. But when he gets there, he can't find a place to park. He drives around, he waits, he even tries a bit farther away, but all in vain. So in desperation he looks up at the sky and says, "Oh Lord, if you will find me a parking place in the next five minutes, I promise you I will stop gambling, I'll eat only kosher food, I'll stop going with shiksas and I'll observe shabbes properly." 

Almost immediately, he sees a car pulling out of its parking place and quickly takes its place. Again Moshe looks up at heaven and says, "Oh Lord, there's no need for you to find me a parking place-I've already found one."


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